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Why do bulbs (tulips, Iris) bloom some years and only the leaves come up other years?

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You may have done several things: did you plant them deeply enough? did you leave the leaves on long enough for the bulbs to re-generate? did you feed the bulbs? have you lifted them and split them? lastly, they may just need replacing. Bulbs don't last for ever, especially tulips. I take mine out of the pots I grow them in and plant them in a corner somewhere, then I buy new each year.

7 May, 2008


Thank you very much for your reply! It sounds like I need to do all the above!! I'm a fiddler in the garden; I guess as I go along!!

8 May, 2008


There are so many varieties of Tulips and their habits / preferences are also variable.
I have a clump in my current garden which were there when I bought the house 8 years ago. The only attention I have given them has been to dead-head them every year once they have finished flowering. They come up each Spring with as much vigour as they did the year before.
Each Autumn I enjoy topping up my stock with some species which I haven't grown before and adding to ones I have already. Some I plant directly into the garden while others I plant in pots ( I prefer to grow the smaller varieties in pots) for their first season. Some of the bulbs go on for a few years in the garden while others eventually become blind or disappear. My shopping list changes each Autumn as does the display each Spring, but that is part of the pleasure of gardening.
Gardening is similar to parenting, the longer one grows a particular plant the better one gets to know them, their likes and dislikes and how to nurture them in the aim to achieve their maximum potential.

13 May, 2008


Thank you for your descriptive reply; I will take your advice!

15 May, 2008

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