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Watering flowers


By Richie

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IN the Noon sun or afternoon later when sun's not so bright?




The goal is to avoid rapid evaporation of your water - before the plant gets it. Just before daybreak and right after sunset (and overnight) are best absorption time. Since most of us are not up then, water as early in the day and/or as late in the evening as you can. If you must water in bright hot sun, a soaker hose or a dripping hose work better than a sprinkler or spray. Takes longer but keeps the water source close to the ground, not up in the air.

7 May, 2008


Watering in the evening is great because as well as the obvious benefits for the plants to do it when the sun has gone down, its a peaceful time to take stock of your garden & enjoy your efforts.

7 May, 2008


hi richie, welcome to GOY. i think its better to water in the evening time. when i moved into my house my neighbour told me not to water the plants in mid day sun as the water on the leaves can scorch them, no sure if this is true or not but from then on i left the watering till the sun goes down .

7 May, 2008


And I have always read not to water in the evening as a 'wet' plant is more susceptible to bugs.

7 May, 2008

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