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Doesn't spring spring!


By peter


Well it looks like my new ‘blog less, more often’ regime is yet to kick in and I can’t even blame my plants for not needing much attention :o) My reminder of when to prune my Japanese aralia has been cluttering up my calendar page for too long.

Not much else has needed doing, but my spring cabbage will soon need moving, they need to be about a foot apart from each other and I have way more plants than I have room to put them all in.

My garlic is coming on nicely although the tips are turning slightly yellow which I’m not sure whether to worry about or not.

spring cabbage

I also need to sow my chili seeds soon, thanks to Weemabell for reminding me when to sow chili :o)

I hope you’re all well and have your gardening brains switched on, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions now that spring seems to be upon us (at least down here in Hampshire) and I’ll be out in the garden more often.

Happy gardening

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I pruned my Fatsia yesterday. Was forced to, in order to make space for planting my new rambler rose Also got the chillis and peppers sown.It's definitely not Spring here today, though.

29 Feb, 2008


Is a little cooler2day i agree David:) Idid lots in garden myself yesterday planting seeds& 1plant in the new cottage boarder lol got lots more 2put out just worried il lose em if im 2keen.Iv some lovely Oxeye daisy cuttings i potted on cant wait2get them in & lots of lupins but they seem so small:( Compaired 2 the nursurys? Do you think i should bring them in &put on window sill2speed up their growth?

29 Feb, 2008


I have beaten you to the chilli sowing Peter, I planted up the seeds you sent me and have 8 or 9 healthy plants growing strong! Our forecast for Yorkshire is not good for the next week, set to turn very cold, wet and windy! But the spring flowers are still pushing through and cheer me up.

29 Feb, 2008


I think my Fatsia pruning and chili planting are a job for tomorrow, so will update with pictures then.

David, a few hundred miles seems to be make the difference between seasons! There are mornings when it doesn't feel like spring but it's pretty pleasant at the moment.

I'm glad to hear your seeds are growing well, Andrea! I'll be sowing seeds from the same plant :o)

29 Feb, 2008


How do you prune a Fatsia, please? mine looks like a large rosette on a stick.

29 Feb, 2008

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