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By peter


Hi everyone!

We made a few small changes to GoY last night, so here’s a quick update :o)

The observant among you might have already noticed that your ‘my garden’ tab and your ‘photos’ tab have changed back to their layout of a month or so ago.

You might also have noticed the addition of a new ‘garden calendar’ tab to your homepage which shows all the reminders that you have and makes them easier to see and find.

We also added a new feature and some of you will have received one of our new ‘reminder’ emails this morning :o) If you have chosen to receive emails from us, and have reminders due in the next week, we will now send you a weekly email with all your upcoming tasks.

Last night was the first run but we’re thinking in future we will send it out late on Thursdays in time for the weekend :o) Let us know what you think, especially if you think you should have received a reminder email this morning but didn’t get one.

The open gardens section also changed last night!

The map to find open gardens was getting very busy so we’ve made a few changes to make it easier to use. Firstly, we will only ever display ten gardens on the map (the ten nearest the centre). Clicking on one will show you more details about that garden.

If you want to find a garden to visit in a particular area, you can move the map around and zoom in and out to find gardens near you.

Anyway, that was quite a long post about the website, I hope you like the changes. We’d love to hear your thoughts on them and any other ideas you have – either comment below or contact us directly.

The weather here is glorious (albeit chilly), I hope it is where you are and happy gardening :o)


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Just dropped in for a mo now, but will be back later to fully investigate once the kids are asleep. I really like the
calendar tab and will find it VERY useful .My handwritten desk diary is already overcrowded. Many thanx for making the reminders much more prominent.

9 Feb, 2008


Great one lads! I have been using the reminder for a while, the calendar just goes to show how busy I've made myself this year, particularly as I'm moving house in July!!!

10 Feb, 2008

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