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Snowdrops and Crocus


By peter


These aren’t in my garden but I spotted them while I was out walking with my camera.

I’ll be going back to take photos of the snowdrops later as last year I took photos in the same place but managed to get there too late and the flowers were past their best. This time I was too early and the flowers aren’t fully open yet.

Snow drops not quite open

I found the crocuses while walking along the canal, just at the side of the tow path. It’s the first time I’ve seen them there.

Crocus by the canal

I’m looking forward to my spring veg but it’s really nice to go out and see such beautiful flowers in bloom! :o)

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Well, Peter, you know the answer, don't you - get some bulbs in your garden next (I'll get you to grow some flowers this year, I am determined...)

6 Feb, 2008


Or,buy and plant some snowdrops "in the green* now so that they have all this year to grow. I plan to get some on my visits during our Snowdrop Festival. Lovely snowdrop pic, Peter.

7 Feb, 2008


i agree with spritz, and i will join the mission of getting you to grow some flowers - spoken like a true florist! lol flowers are very good for a veggie garden anyway if you choose them wizely you can attract all the benefical insects that you need for pollination and bug control - very organic! lady birds are a must if you have veg that is prone to aphids, bees and butterflys are always good. - i'll have a look through my books and see if i can recomend any that would do this job for you that are easy to grow, so they won't take up any of your veggie growing and tending time! lol and if you don't want them taking up the goodnes from your soil intended for your veggies you can always grow them in pots around the edges! - am i making a good case so far? lol

7 Feb, 2008


how about some sweet peas? i believe they are good for attracting all of the above, and they smell and look lovely, they do need some support, but can be grown in large pots or around the edge of the veggie beds, easy to grow, - and gues what i just happen to have some spare seeds! if you want to give them a try send me your address on a private message and i'll post them to you!

7 Feb, 2008


Wonderful to see them Peter.
I have to agree with the girls and david here - some complimentary floral planting to help your veg grow is a good thing.
I know the organic growers on here will be able to give you a list of helper plants for your veg but things like marigolds work against carrot fly.
Go on give it a go you know you want to!!!

7 Feb, 2008

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