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Glyphosate weed killer on Ground elder


By peter


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Thanks to everyone for helping identify my weeds; this morning I went and bought some glyphosate weed killer from the local garden centre to try and get rid of the ground elder.

I didn’t really want to use weed killer in my garden – anything that says to wash your hands and any exposed skin after use can’t be that pleasant. In fact, if the ground elder hadn’t been between concrete slabs and the fence foundations I think I would have tried to dig it up and risk it returning.

I ended up buying an aerosol tin of the stuff because it looked more accurate than the other spray bottles. I cleared the gravel from around the bottom of the ground elder and sprayed the weed killer right at the base of the leaf stems. I also put bits on the leaves themselves.

Next i had a wash :o). Here’s a photo of the weedkiller, I’ll update you on how long it takes to get rid of the ground elder.

Unpleasant stuff

I decided not pot up the other weeds to see what they looked like. There’s a high risk I’ll forget I did it and let them go to seed :o) I spent a bit of time this morning weeding the veg patch. A cold but refreshing half hour.

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i know it's unplesant, but you did the right thing Peter. and you have reminded me of a nightmere i had involving weed killer, Brooke and her mate and the local A & E, last summer - do i need to say more! lets just say that i think they thought it was perfume or mouthwash! luckly it was a very week one ment for lawns and they ended up with just sore throughts and a rash! i shudder to think of it! you can imagine i was like a mad woman possesed once i realised what they had done! it's really unlike me to leave anything laying around like that, i put it on a high shelf in the shed and lock it up, but on this one occation it had fallen down and the shed had been left unlocked, and she got it! anyway luckly it was'nt a really harmful one, but i think we both lernt a lesson from it! lol

3 Feb, 2008


Peter good luck with the ground elder. I have been didgging mine up for 6 years and am winning the battle there was only 2 patches last year in 1 area and so far this year no sign. It did grow all round the tree we took out so perhaps it went with the tree we might never know. x

3 Feb, 2008


Many years ago, I tried this on ground elder, with little results - and wouldn't dream of having the stuff now ( hear, hear, Majeeka!)..And, as Dibber has said, it may take ages (mine took 4 years), but it was all around the boundaries, front and back, but I won in the end. If yours
is a new garden or a new phenomenon - attack it today!
Dig and rip it out by hand - it is gr8 excerise, too.

4 Feb, 2008


Sometimes you just have to use chemicals or destroy your garden with repeated digging, but please read the instructions well. Glyphosphate has to go on the foliage, watering the ground will have no effect. It then takes sometimes six weeks to die back and with ground elder may come again since each individual leaf doesn't connect with each root system. Repeat the treatment making sure the spray doesn't go on anything else, it will kill green plants.

6 Feb, 2008


I have used Glyphosate very recently but I am trying to convert to natural methods of killing unwanted plants/weeds in pathways and gravel. When you make a cup of coffee or tea, boil a little extra and tip scorching hot water on weeds, they usually shrivel up in a few days. Vinegar is good, mixed with liquid soap and gin it works really well (bit of a waste of the Blue Sapphire though). Pour a pile of table or rock salt on weeds between paving.
I'd try the vinegar on the elder, cut notches in the stem and spray it in the wound, it may take longer than the Glyphosate but I am going to try it this year.
Happy killing!!!

7 Feb, 2008


Hi Peter
If you have got any Ground Elder that you haven't sprayed yet, try and experiment.
I have found another recipe for a natural weed killer,

1 cup of dissolved salt (add a small amount of boiling water to dissolve it)
1 tablespoon of washing up liquid
1 gallon of white vinegar

Mix together and put in a sprayer or sponge some on the leaves. Try not to get it on your soil as it will sterilize it for 2 years much like any commercial weed killer.
I am definitely going to try this as I'm growing veg and fruit and I don't want to get any poison near it, if it doesn't work I'll have to have a re-think

7 Feb, 2008

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