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By peter


Well, it’s been a while but there’s a new feature at GoY – one that we hope will help you get more from the site!

On your homepage there is now a ‘news’ tab giving you a feed of news from the last 2 weeks, related to all your favourite members and the plants in your garden.

As well as the normal stuff (photos, comments etc..) we’ve included things that we thought were easy to miss. So if someone adds a reminder to a plant you’re also growing – that will appear in your news. Seed swaps by your favourite members are included too.

Anyway, the easiest thing is for you to go and have a look – go on :o)

We still want to hear what you think of the site, so feel free to comment below or get in touch about the new feature.

Ooh, before I forget. We also moved the ‘profile’ tab. It didn’t seem to make sense to give that a whole tab so it’s now a link next to a member’s profile pic.

Happy gardening.

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I think the web site is fantastic, hats off to you and Ajay.
The news link is a great idea. Just had a quick look and instantly I can see whos growing the same plants and I get to see diary entries relating to prunning etc. I found this site by accident and it's great.

7 Mar, 2008


Thank you both very much :o) we're really pleased that people seem to be enjoying it so much and I completely agree on the fantastic photos!

7 Mar, 2008


I would also like to thank you for setting this site up. VERY enjoyable to say the least. I searched for a site like this for a long time. GOOD JOB !

8 Mar, 2008


Well done to you - I keep telling everyone how good the site is!

8 Mar, 2008


Peter, this news feature is very handy when referencing plants. Thanks so much for adding it.

10 Mar, 2008

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