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By peter


Hi everyone,

As the question mark suggests, this isn’t another announcement straight after the redesign – we’re asking for your ideas.

We’ve noticed people are using Grows on You in different ways – not always how we thought you would ;o) but all interesting and useful. For us to continue improving Grows on You we’d really like to hear what would make it better for you.

We have some ideas ourselves but you’re the people that matter. This blog was sparked by something David and Spritz brought up in David’s blog on how to create a personal garden journal at your local library. We didn’t think people would want to delete photos which shows why we really value getting feedback on what you want from the site.

I also noticed that AndrewR has created his own database of the plants in his garden. Andrew’s ‘my garden’ section is fantastic, but could we make Grows on You the place to store all the information that’s in the database? Do you also keep a list of plants?

Those are two ideas and if you don’t mind spending some time on it we’d love to hear your opinions. Here are some questions to get you thinking…

How do you use GoY? (e.g. as a place to record plants, to store photos, to get inspiration, all of these, something else?)

Which parts of the site do you use?
Why and how do you use them?
Which parts don’t you use?
Why not?

What needs improving or simplifying?
What should we definitely not change?

What would make using the site more useful, more interesting, or just easier for you personally?

Please feel free to comment on existing parts of the site or suggest new features, and tell us what is good as well as bad. I can’t promise we’ll do everything but I promise we’ll listen.

You can add your thoughts as comments to this blog or send us an email if you’re feeling a bit shy.

I hope you’re all well and looking forward to Christmas!!
Best Wishes

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Hi Peter, i really like the idea of being able to store more info about plants projects ect, garden diary and/or projects file would be a great idea. there is not much i have'nt really used on the site, apart from the Facebook - purely because not really sure how to use this and what it is for, - you'll have to forgive me for being a typical Essex girl here! lol but i am not that technical, but i do find the rest of the site really easy and straight forward to use - so if i can do it anyone can! i think that you have a good all round mix with what you have i love being able to share expriences with other like minded people and look at there photos and see what they are up to in there gardens. i have also found the Blogs, and questions a really good sorce of info and i like to share my knowledge with others too. the only things that i would say could be improved apon would be the 'My Garden, section, would be good to be able to store more info, garden diary - calender (which you could leave notes for yourself to remind you to move a plant at the right time of year, or prune something ect.) also would be good if we had the option to list garden plants alphabetically, or by type ect. as i said before i am not that good on computers AndrewR did recommend some programmes that i could use to do this on my own PC the thing is i have a really cheap computer and it starts going a bit doolally if i try to store too much on it, i have lost programmes and info on here before, so when i found this site i was delighted! well done by the way, i think that you and Ajay have done fantasically!

12 Dec, 2007


I forgot to mention in the blog; if someone else makes a suggestion you like, please mention it in a comment so we can see how many people feel the same.

Majeekahead - thanks for the great ideas and kind words :o)

12 Dec, 2007


GOY for me is a place to see like minded people. I have had support, laughs and found more information on plant care than anywhere else on the web!!
I find seeing the photos other put in inspire me and would be sad to see them deleted. I like the idea of being able to see the changes year by year but at the end of the day these photographs belong to the member and they should have the right to delete them if they want.
For me the site is just right to use - easy and un-technical (don't laugh Peter!! I know how technical your bit is! ) Maybe one thing on the tech side - could we have an edit post button? I hate it when I read back on my posts and find a glaring spelling mistake.Or remember something else 2 seconds after I've posted and have to post again
The only bit I don't use is the blogs but thats because I never know what to write! I love reading other peoples and again gain inspiration from them.
I think the biggest asset the site has is the good team and community spirit. Long may it continue

12 Dec, 2007


Reading through the comments already left, i would have to agree with majeekahead that a calender or planner would be useful. I keep papers all over the place at the moment and when its time to start growing again i have to search them out. I suppose that i could store something on the computer itself, i hadn't thought of that! But others that grow Begonias just might find my notes of some interest?
Also i agree with maple that an edit button would be useful for correcting mistakes. The main reason i keep clicking back onto growsonyou is "the community spirit" and how friendly everyone is.
When i first joined growsonyou i had seen details in the National Begonia Society booklet. I joined and found NBS, there were picture from NBS. However since then there seems to have been no new entries from NBS. As a member of The National Begonia Society and The Scottish Begonia Society, and always looking for suggestions of how to improve or just eisier methods that work for other growers, whether they show or not. This year i have started growing some folilage Begonias which i would find useful to have other growers of these in one place to send a comment to for advise? - I would be very interested if there were some way of keeping in touch with other Begonia growers in particular, as these are what i grow (but i wouldn't want to loose touch with all the other members as i find it interesting what people are doing in there gardens, and everyone is so friendly).
Just a few thoughts, sorry if i've got carried away!

12 Dec, 2007


would defo be good to be able to correct spelling mistakes!

12 Dec, 2007


I have been looking at my book of all the varieties of Begonia that i have, and then i remembered reading your blog earlier and thought that it would be useful to store the names in the computer - if the names that are used on the show bench are ok to be used rather than the complicated names that i never use, and don't understand anyway.

12 Dec, 2007


I was worried that, perhaps, people might get bored looking at all my old pics! But I feel happier that I can keep them all in my homepage without using a whole lot of space. Over the last few evenings I have spent ages just going through all members' photos on this site, and was just thinking that it has become a really valuable record of UK , and, indeed, overseas, garden plants, style and design. Hundreds of these photos leave my jaw dropping in amazement, they are of such a high standard. I also, personally, use the search facility a great deal to search for plant info and pics, and have found this very very useful while looking for suitable material for our own garden. I always look to Grows on You b4 books, online catalogues, etc. In fact, GoY is my homepage so I always see it first when I log onto the internet. It is sometimes difficult to get any other work done, LOL!

12 Dec, 2007


P.S. (since we cannot edit our comments - yet). I have the "feeling" that the day will come when GoY will be recognised as a National Treasure, and we will be communicating with Sirs Ajay and Peter - seriously!

12 Dec, 2007


I would really welcome the advantage of plants in the 'my garden' bit of 'my site' being in alphabetical order. i can never remember whether I've posted this or that plant before, and it takes ages to scroll through them all. I'd like to see a 'tips' tab on the site, because I am quite sure that we'd all learn lots from each other. I'd also like to be able to edit everything I type in, I hate making spelling mistakes and 'typos'. Thanks for this blog, I am sure it will turn up some interesting ideas!

12 Dec, 2007


Hi everyone, it looks like we'll be making comments editable then :o) Thanks for all your comments - please keep them coming, either here or use the 'contact us' link in the footer any time.

David - LOL, not sure on the titles but I totally agree on the site becoming a great record of gardens across the country. I'm finding it more poignant too, posts like the ones from Spritz and AndrewR with out of season flowers show how different this year has been.

I also agree with Mark and Maple; the best thing about GoY is the people using it and the spirit of the community; you're responsible for that, so a huge thank you - and keep up the great suggestions :o)

13 Dec, 2007


Hi, I have only been a member since Nov 2007, but it has been a fantastic experience. I love gardening and it is great to communicate with like minded people and get ideas/suggestions/advice about just about anything Horticultural. I have already seed swapped with Margaret in Scotland, I sent her a Brugmansia plant and she sent me some Datura seeds. I would agree that being able to correct mistakes by adding an edit option to some parts of the site would be beneficial, also to be able to add plants and they appear alphabetically would also be great. An idea of mine may be to have an option of flagging up other people when you add a plant, or ask a question about a plant. If people have added a particular plant to their list or have ever asked a question, added a photo or added it to the site you could receive an email with these members. You could then contact them directly as well as having the information visible to everyone else like it is already. It is like Amazon when you search for something or order something the site will provide you with other options that may be on your wave length. I have had several different types of light sabres, Darth Vader costumes and a life-size Ja Ja Binx recommended to me lately!!! Not too sure who has used my Amazon login to search for something, certainly wasn't me!! I am not techy so it may all sound too complicated, but it may be something to consider

13 Dec, 2007

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