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A new site design


By peter


Hi folks,

Welcome to the new look Grows on You!! If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been doing of late, today you can see for yourself :o)

The most obvious change is the look and width of the site – getting us ready for the improvements we have planned for next year. The side bar has gone but it’s contents are still here, just split between the top and the bottom of each page. The search has also moved to just under the logo but pretty much everything else is where it used to be.

There are other changes as you go around the site. Noticeable things are the missing home tab (you can still get there by clicking the logo at the top or the link at the bottom) and the photo slideshow which now shows more info without you having to scroll down :o)

Anyway, take a look around and see what you think. As usual we’d really appreciate your feedback – both on the new design and any other thoughts you have on the site.

Hope you’re all keeping well and getting in the festive spirit!!


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Hi Peter, love the new look! if anything i am finding it much easier to use, its quicker to get around. thanks.

5 Dec, 2007


Thanks Majeekahead! Really pleased you like it :o)

5 Dec, 2007


Haven't visited Growsonyou for a while. Your site seems to have grown up to a real big gardening community! Congratulations!

5 Dec, 2007


Hi Sergey, welcome back - and thanks :o)

5 Dec, 2007


As I said to Ajay this morning Peter thanks for all the hard work you do on our behalf. Looking good

5 Dec, 2007


Thanks Maple - You're very welcome!

5 Dec, 2007


Nice re-organisation now on the members page. Confused me for a minute (not that it's difficult to do!!) but looks good

6 Dec, 2007


Hi Maple, We thought we'd sneak that one in :o) As soon as we put the original up yesterday we realised it was more difficult to see the latest comments and decided to change it. I'm sure there'll be more tweaks to come.

6 Dec, 2007


Gosh, you can really whizz around this site nowadays, GREAT!

14 Dec, 2007

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