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Caterpillar damage


By peter


Thanks to Spritzhenry answering my question a while, I found that caterpillars have been munching on my spring cabbage!

I started daily examinations of the shoots to check for caterpillars and found several in a week but haven’t found any more for a while now. Unfortunately they had caused some damage already and I have a row of stems with no leaves.

Look what they did!

The caterpillars were very hard to spot. All of the ones that I found were leaning against the stems, motionless. Perfect camouflage as with their colour they look just like another eaten stem.

Fortunately they didn’t get to everything and I have a row of cabbage with almost no damage.

Healthy shoots

I’m not sure what I was expecting but they look very un-cabbage like to me at the moment. I can’t wait to try them next spring though and I’ve already had a request for a couple from a friend – that’s if the caterpillars don’t get there first!

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oh poor you, how dishartening. we lost 2 apple trees this year to caterpillars. not the same sort that you have on your cabages the ones we had are toxic and can cause a nasty skin rash and there is just no getting rid of them easierly. i had an expert come in and look at them but he said that we could do one of two things, have the tree sprayed - which is also toxic and can take ages to break down in the garden, and would only kill them this year but they would proberly be back every year so this would have to be done every year! - not really pratical with a toddler! or i could cut them down and be done with it, so that is what we did.

22 Nov, 2007


Hi Majeekahead. When I started reading this I wondered what kind of monster caterpillars you must have :D I know I've planted way too many for the room I have so I should be OK. Will be having my first go at 'thinning out' when they get a bit bigger.

Really sorry to hear about your apple trees - I really like them in gardens and it's so nice to eat what you've grown.

22 Nov, 2007


peter i was actually glad to see the back of them to be honest, they really shut off the garden,- plantted right in the middle and they wer'nt to healthy either - i would'nt fancy eating anythin off them! but i did plant two other trees at the back of the garden to compensate for my tree masacre, but not fruit trees - a Rhus tree, and an Acer tree - which are both smaller and grown because they are 'pretty' - i am more of an ornamental gardener myself, although i do intend to try a few veggies next year with my daughter. - i'll proberly need your advice for that, - looks like you have lernt a lot this year! and you don't need to worry about these 'monster' catapillars by the way - unless you have fruit trees - they are not butterfy caterpillars, some sort of moth i think and once they attack a tree they keep coming back, you know if you have them because there nests look like big brown masses of cobwebs - yuck! and the caterpillars them selves are brown and fury. and horrible.

23 Nov, 2007

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