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Been away seems like along time.


Hello to everyone,
I’m very sorry i hav’nt checked GOY out for ages, but its been great reading
all your blogs, last October, i got my new allotment, but sadly before i could make a start on clearing it, ( and its covered in alsorts of stuff), glass,wood,
even a bath, which i am keeping, to make a pond, anyway i had to go into hospital again this time for an
emergency opp, it told six weeks to get over, back to work
December, back in hospital again 14th jan, now recovering from shoulder opp, up to 12 weeks recovery, my allotment still waiting for me.
I do have a husband BUT he’s not into gardening like me, So it looks like it maybe, March before i get something going, Do you having any ideals for me,
people please, but i cant left heavy stuff, i can only use one hand. look forward to hearing from all of you x

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Sorry to hear of your operation. I hope you'll be back to normal soon.

27 Jan, 2010


I hope you'll be feeling fitter soon.
Welcome back to GoY :o)

27 Jan, 2010


Hope you are well soon, take care.

28 Jan, 2010


Thankyou all very much, just when for a walk around my garden, you can tell
i hav'nt been able to get out there for a well, its going to need alot of TLC, hopefully three more weeks of physio and i can start doing some like things in the garden, But in the mean time i'll keep looking at the pictures on GOY.

1 Feb, 2010


Hi Pepperpot..
Take it easy... don't do too much too soon...
I guess the physio will help a lot :o)

1 Feb, 2010

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