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Quick! It's the sun! Someone take a photo!


Two days without rain! So whilst the sun had done a bit of digging to get out from behind the clouds, I rushed around with my camera taking advantage of the few minutes of early morning sun now that it’s looking a bit tidier.

My garden being clay it’s about 3 weeks behind everyone else – the centaurea are only just about to flower, as are the paeonies. But just to give you an impression of what it’s like……

This is the view from our bedroom window (you can see the empty space that used to be next door’s fruit trees….)

Herbs growing in old tin baths and buckets (and a gazunder) on the patio.

The vegetable patch

This is the grandly named (by me) ‘Woodland Walk’ – all 12 feet of it!

This is the hammock under the trees – this photo was taken in the morning at about 9am, but in the afternoon the sun filters through the leaves of the fruit trees and you lie in gentle dappled shade…..

And this is Amy – please note that the statue in the background is doing a better job of guarding the garden….

Pots for plants that like sun and dryish conditions – that won’t survive in my clay.

Believe it or not, there’s a pond in the middle of that!

The clematis and grape vine were doing quite a nice job of growing along the trellis to break the eyeline into next door’s garden – until the strong winds on Friday evening blew three fence panels down!

Other Half hates only two things in life – and one of them is putting up fences. But he got on and did it, and we tried to save as much of the clematis – which, typically, was just about to come into flower – as we could.

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Shhh'll frighten it away......

Your Amy reminds me so much of my dear old girl Gemma.....past over the rainbow bridge a few years ago now but lovely memories..... :0))

10 Jun, 2012


Your pots look nice grouped together, and I like your herb containers and your lion. Its been lovely to have some sunshine today and Amy obviously knows how to enjoy it.

10 Jun, 2012


Its all looking very lush and the veggie patch looks very productive.

10 Jun, 2012


never mind the hammock, get on that trampoline lol :)

10 Jun, 2012


Lovely blog and garden, really enjoyed that! :)))

10 Jun, 2012


As dogs go, Amy is less of a Golden Retriever and more of a Golden Recliner. And as for the trampoline - on occasion the dog gets on that as well!

It is all looking very lush because of the huge amounts of rain we've had - so we are in the middle of a drought obviously!

10 Jun, 2012


Its been the same here Penny, in fact my daughter has got sunburnt today sitting on the patio, I warned her but what do I know, lol.
I like your woodland, its a bit like my fernery as regards its size, lol, we had a few mishaps here caused by the wind but all tidied again now and the lawn no longer resembles a meadow, your clematis and grapevine will bounce back again.
Amy is enjoying herself, our Morgan assumed the same position for most of the day, Brynner was disgusted as he wanted to play..
I enjoyed seeing your lovely garden Penny....

10 Jun, 2012


Yur garden is lovely. Amy seems to be enjoying it :o)

10 Jun, 2012


Thanks for all the nice comments. Hopefully things will come into flower soon..... And then I can add some more colourful pictures!

11 Jun, 2012

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