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Yesterday our new next door neighbour cut down ALL the fruit trees in their garden, some 16 or so of them I think.

I used to look out of my bedroom window and see just a canopy of leaves, and in Spring it was beautiful with the different blossoms. Now next door is just a patch of rather withered and weedy grass.

I rushed out yesterday afternoon, when I began to appreciate the scale of the devastation, to purchase a couple of large and fast growing shrubs to reinstate some of the privacy we have lost down that side of the garden. But one of the most irritating things is that I had planted things that liked semi-shade there – and now they are in full sunlight! And I have a garden party next weekend……

Other half says: Think positive, maybe they are going to turn what was something of a wildlife wilderness (after three years of being untended) into a more ordered garden. Personally I have my doubts (and I liked the wildlife wilderness). But at least they haven’t concreted the whole thing over………


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Unfortunately the pleasure of gardens can be spoilt in many different ways by neighbours.

I hope those cut trees are soon replaced by nice new shrubs, so your semi-shade plants will be returned to their natural environment !

Good luck with your garden party :o)

20 May, 2012


How sad :~( our silly neighbours on one side and I am surrounded by eight gardens, moved in and cut down the rasberry canes, the goosberry bushes, blackcurrents, redcurrents, apples and pear trees and have nothing now just a waste land. Crazy.

20 May, 2012


Aw, such a pity. Same happened to me in London :(
Yes, have a fun garden party. Maked sure Clay doesn't get **ss*d and fall over!

20 May, 2012


It may seem hard to understand PL but 16 fruit trees in a back garden sounds a lot to me! Imagine the work that must have made picking and pruning, keeping pests and diseases under control and age plays a part too, also a limit to how much fruit one household can use and nothing much else will grow not even a decent lawn

20 May, 2012


Oh I agree that 16 is possibly a few too many, Drc, and they weren't planted in a sensible way either, some of them too close together and on the wrong side of the garden so that they cast shade on the rest of it.

But they were lovely.....

And now my eye is constantly being drawn to the gap where there used to be trees. That Lavatera had better grow quick!! And if other half thinks he is going to wait for half term to raise the height of the fence he's got another think coming!

21 May, 2012


I lost 3 Weeping Silver Birch trees in the storm last winter and it has hurt but the unexpected bonus is how much light the second patio is getting and how much more the shrubs in that area are growing since they too have more light and presumably more water.

21 May, 2012

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