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By pb123


Going away later this week and quite worried about leaving my garden unwatered. I don’t have a friendly gardening neighbour I can call on, so I’ll be moving all pots into the shade, giving everything a good soaking before we go and hoping for the best.
But it almost makes me not want my holiday!

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I understand. I don’t go away during summer months. Firstly I ‘d have nobody to care for my garden. Secondly, everywhere is too hot for me. :)

1 Jul, 2018


I don't have helpful neighbours either, so I move all the pots into the shade, huddled together, fully watered.
I do worry beforehand, also about my three bird baths drying up, and the feeders not being there at all.
I always think 'my birds' will never come back - first sound of the back door opening, with the birdseed packet in hand and they're back, and the plants survive too. I've come back to 'dry as sticks' pots, but with a bucket of water, life returns!
Plants and birds are far tougher than we think, we're the softies! Enjoy your holidays, they are special times.

1 Jul, 2018


I'm with you Karen: I'm not a Summer lover; much prefer it cooler.

1 Jul, 2018


Have a nice holiday. I hope your plants will be all right.
I never go away … every time I've been away I've felt bored, and I was always glad to come home.

1 Jul, 2018


Just enjoy your holiday - que sera sera.....

Or perhaps you could try some capillary matting - dip one end in a bucket of water and stand any pots on the other.Can't think what to do about glazed pots though - unless you could have several buckets of water and make tongues of the matting to go from the buckets to the soil in the pots..

1 Jul, 2018


You misunderstand me I think Pb...I love summer...Scottish Summer...with added sunshine!

1 Jul, 2018


Have a great holiday most of your plant will survive if you soak them just before you go. Also you could stand the pots in bowls with newspaper which will hold on to some moisture and release it slower.
If the plants are soaked first a plastic bottle full of water up side down in a bowl will only empty as the plant suck up water.

2 Jul, 2018


Thanks for the tips. I tend to do that sort of thing with my houseplants and, yes, I must search out the capillary matting. Karen, I could probably cope with an average Scottish Summer!

2 Jul, 2018


I have the same problem PB we're going away for a couple of weeks we brought masses of plants in pots with us when we moved here I'm standing them in the cool shady side I have a feeling this hot weather is about to break in which case they may not need so much watering ..

10 Jul, 2018


Just got home. Got straight out of the car and went to see how the garden had fared. Not as bad as we expected: some very thirsty looking plants including a crispy wisteria we've had in a pot for over 20 years, - but I don't think we've lost anything. Off to the cottage tomorrow to check on the garden there!

10 Jul, 2018


2 gardens!! it's bad enough trying to cope with one!!

14 Jul, 2018


The cottage one is tiny, - but, of course, I'm cramming in as many plants as possible! They've survived well. One casualty - an everlasting sweet pea that had to be moved recently.

15 Jul, 2018


Not bad, just one casualty.....

15 Jul, 2018

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