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Soft fruit


By pb123


Just terrible. We had a small bowl of straws each a couple of weeks ago, – more the size of wild ones than cultivated varieties, – but since then they’ve given up the ghost, despite lots of promising early flowers.
Now it’s the turn of the raspberries – so tiny they’re hardly worth picking. Normally I can rely on the raspberries to do well, whatever the weather, – but this year’s drought is excessive. Feeling sorry for the farmers.

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Oh dear...not good. So far, the strawbs here have been good. The slugs have been enjoying mine!! But the farm ones are fantastic. We have a lot of fruit farms around us here, so plenty to choose from.

1 Jul, 2018


Sorry to hear that. My gooseberries are OK though a bit on the small side, but half the leaves have been eaten - and not a sawfly to be found... The slugs shared the strawberries with the birds...

1 Jul, 2018


I'm sorry to hear about your fruits. I always get a glut of raspberries and it's the same this year. I can't stop eating them !
I grow a few strawberries in an old sink for Beryl but I don't like them myself. B says they are nice and sweet this year.

1 Jul, 2018


I got up at 6am on Saturday to harvest my blackcurrants before it got too hot. I now have 11.5 lbs in the freezer, along with 6 lbs of gooseberries so far.

1 Jul, 2018


my strawbs are exactly the same pb123. I partly blame myself for not watering them as much as I should have done.

2 Jul, 2018


Yep, I'm sure it's lack of water. On the other hand the plants probably need replacing anyway. You're supposed to refresh them every 3 years aren't you?

2 Jul, 2018

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