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The sprinkler is on at the moment on the back lawn which is currently in shade. The lawn looks horrifically brown. It’s only June with no rain forecast for the foreseeable….
And we’ll probably end up with a hosepipe ban.

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Lawns soon come back sprinklers are banned at present I also read in the news not to use hose pipes either I ve had a text message off Severn Trent water supplier to ask me to cut back on use of water they cant proccess the cleaning quick enough for the amount being used .

30 Jun, 2018


We have also been asked to conserve water in the SE so my hosepipe is back in the garage

30 Jun, 2018


We have no ban yet in Glasgow but other parts of Scotland do. Can you imagine a ban here......rain capital of the U.K.
I can't remember such a dry May and June. I love being out in the warm weather but if I can't water the grass I will be pretty miserable.

30 Jun, 2018


The weather has a lot to answer for ! It's never satisfactory …

30 Jun, 2018


We haven't had a ban yet, but I am only watering my new plants at the moment. My grass was looking the best it ever had before this heatwave came along and I was having to cut it 3 times a week. It now looks like straw, but at least I don't have to cut it ( my least favourite job)!

2 Jul, 2018

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