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By pb123


Grrr. We’ve had to lay off our so-called landscaper as he failed to turn up as promised for the 4th time. He’s left behind him a scene of devastation: half-dug fence posts, half cut sleepers; half dug out concrete. Now we have to start all over again to find someone to come and finish it off. Looks like any thoughts we had of sitting in a nice garden this Summer have been squashed.

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Sorry to hear your plight but I know the feeling I ve asked two tree surgeons to give me quotes to cut back two trees over hanging my garden one said he would post the quote through the door the following day that was 3 weeks ago still waiting the other has nt even turned up I ve known others have the same as you its as though they dont want or need the work.
I ve known people out of a job would do the work and cheaper some times you just need to supervise them on what to do of your needs and seldom ever let you down I suppose its all to do with would you now trust them. I hope you get to sit in a nice garden soon..

30 Jun, 2018


He has probably got a job that will not wait and thinks he can come back to you when pressing work dries up. Perhaps you need to take photos of how he left it with a record of dates just in case he tries to get money from you in the future.

30 Jun, 2018


Sorry to hear this. Such a nuisance when something like that happens. I hope you can get the work finished soon.

30 Jun, 2018

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