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seaside shingle garden


By pb123


29th June:
Spent ages yesterday in blistering heat picking up stones, or rather, ugly lumps of concrete before the shingle can go down. Hubby says every piece I remove will cost him more in shingle, but it’s sticking up too high and I don’t want big bits appearing through the shingle. We’ve piled up bits to make ‘paths’, ie. where no planting will go. Now that’s done and I’m thinking where to put a bench and a big lump of driftwood we dragged off the beach. I’m realising it’s not nearly such a big area as it at first seemed. Hubby wants ‘minimal’ planting ie. a few dots, whereas I was thinking more of swathes and, knowing me, plants crammed into every cranny. What do others think?

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Well wild shingle has sparse "planting" but it a matter of who wins the argument here! Or split it and have dense at the back and sparse in front? Will there be any soil available?

29 Jun, 2018


There's sandy soil and rubble to a good depth. I'm not short of ideas for what to plant, but haven't quite clarified the 'look'.

29 Jun, 2018


Would like to comment but we need pics! ;)

29 Jun, 2018


Aggh Karen! I'll do my best to please next time I go.

29 Jun, 2018


I'm definitely with you. Sparse plants can be seen growing naturally on shingle beaches etc. In a garden we need PLANTS !!! :)

30 Jun, 2018


You could do a bit of both. If I hear a couple arguing in shops about colour of carpet what furniture to have I butt in and ask who has to clean it all and who has to look at it most of the time the answer is normally the woman I then say so the woman wins. I would get bored having to look upon sparsley planting all the time. You could of smashed the concrete bits up small and mingled them under the shingle

30 Jun, 2018


Oh, believe me Thrupennybit there's plenty of concrete chunks left!

30 Jun, 2018


Thats good I would smashed it up small and put that down first then the shingle over it saves buying so much shingle more the merrier to stop weeds .

1 Jul, 2018


But I do need to be able to get a fork in to plant!

1 Jul, 2018


Ahrr I see that would be a problem then.

1 Jul, 2018


Yes it's definitely time for a photo...

2 Jul, 2018


for me, i'd find sparse planting a bit difficult..if the sun was out, the glare from the shingles would hurt my eyes..i'd be inclined to add more restful drought resistant plants, just as long as they were low maintenance..looking forward to seeing pics, and following along with you..

5 Jul, 2018


Agreed Odaatpat!

6 Jul, 2018


Very excited that we've finally got someone coming to take away about 4 tons of concrete spoil today, and will hopefully have some shingle coming tomorrow!
Once that's laid it might be worth taking a photo or two for you.

26 Jul, 2018

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