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A Stroll around Quince St seeing my neighbors' fall gardens


Quince Street in Medford, OR is only a block long and nearly all of us garden. Across the street is Rick’s rocky meadow.

with Rudbekia, Gallardia, and Arbor vitae

and Verbascum (mullein), Verbena bonariensis, and a Buddleia Purple Knight behind the fence.

The verbena is one of Kim’s contribution to the neighborhood, as it freely reseeds where happy. Kim planted it with Sea Buckthorn for the medicinal sea berries.

Kim’s peach tree has the most fluorescent pink blossoms in spring, but was badly pruned and broke in the wind.

Lila and her mom Stacy can pick the windfalls, before hopscotching down the block.

Fidel is putting in a new porch and extending his beds.

The daycare next door was empty so I couldn’t ask if this is a pomegranate past its prime.

What do you think? Across the street again,

Galena has Barberry, with Virginia creeper berries for the birds.

Through the veil of Perovskia (Russian Sage), of course there are asters and Gaura (Whirling Butterflies), and more

Asters, A. lancifolia Prince.

Plains Coreopsis tinctoria (with a Summer Solstice rose peeking through)
Brandi has cherry tomatoes twining through her honeysuckle

and a Buddha with her herbs.

She shares a patio with Marie who has pots

of Calibrachoa (million bells) still blooming and clematis.

Moving on, a previous tenant planted a rose and some fall crocus,

so Wendy has begun adding some yarrow & columbine.

Erin’s garden is the highlight of the street and deserves its own blog.
I’ll just give you a hint

of the roses and impatiens and anenomes

intertwined with Morning Glory and a tubular penstemon.

You might have noticed that we use a lot of xeric plants as it’s hot in Medford with little rain over the summer. Still Oregon is very green & a great place to garden. Now that you’ve met my neighbors, feel free to stop for a look over the fence and a cuppa.

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Will do that that orgratis. Your neighbors gardens look great also lovely photos

20 Sep, 2009


What a wonderful and colourful street you all live in.

Thanks for sharing it with us. Love all the plants and really nice pics as well....

20 Sep, 2009


So nice to see so many colourful flowers a lovely place for a walk.

20 Sep, 2009


Love Rick's meadow - what a lovely colourful neighbourhood.

20 Sep, 2009


That's lovely. You live in a colourful place.

20 Sep, 2009


Should really have chosen ORQuince for a user ID... but I was just trying to avoid ORGrape as I'm not that fond of Mahonia. Thanks for taking a look around my first blog.

21 Sep, 2009


wow a whole blog without you in it that helps lol did you know the hand granade was named after the pommi granite .granite is french for grenade

21 Sep, 2009


What a wonderful visit..wish we could have spent longer...but maybe next time?!?

21 Sep, 2009


No, Leigh, I hadn't heard that one. Usually I associate it with Persephone and the six seeds she ate in Hades, bringing winter to the world. has more myths, some violent, associating pomegranate with death, wealth, and fertility. Rbtkew has a photo of the dwarf, Nana, which is subtropical, maybe pushing zone 8 and fits in our smaller gardens better (no edible fruit). (I'm in the blog: I'm the eye of the beholder!) Next time, Healer, maybe you can tell us the medicinal value of pomegranate?

21 Sep, 2009


well if you think of the size of a pomigranite and the little seeds and think of the first round hand granades and the little round bits of metal it makes sense .

21 Sep, 2009


Actually I don't think about heavy metal much. I'm more of a make tea not war person. But perhaps we can suggest the bad boys in the Tigris Euphrates have a fruit war instead, and pommel each other with pomegranates! Oranges and grapefruits in a pinch, and then the civilians caught in the cross fire could have breakfast delivered instead of bombs.

21 Sep, 2009


Here is a nice article on the health benefits of Pomegranates...
Hope it helps!

I do so like the war idea delivering breakfast....wonderful change for war torn areas, doncha know!

21 Sep, 2009


Interesting, Healer. I'm still not even sure what those bushes down the street are, but can dream about putting one in!

21 Sep, 2009


Very colourful area you live in love the clematis its wonderful. The hopscotch bought back memories when I was a child, seldom played on the streets here now, which is a shame.

24 Oct, 2009


Gave Trey, a boy across the street, some fat chalk for his 8th birthday and we had quite an art fest for a few weeks as he and his friends scrolled along the sidewalk!

24 Oct, 2009


Well at least he knows his numbers.

24 Oct, 2009


For really incredible optical illusion drawings in chalk, check out Julian Beever <>.

24 Oct, 2009



24 Oct, 2009


What a lovely block you live on! We in the Mountains of BC can only aspire to such loveliness! Thank you for sharing this!
Even 4 years later, the beauty of your photos comes through! Blessed Be. ;-)

9 Jun, 2013

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