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The Day that Hurrican Bertha hit town. lol :O)


Thankfully, Bertha had blown herself out somewhat over the Atlantic and just dumped the water on us. We had over 2 inches of rain yesterday, not a lot of wind, well not before bedtime and then I slept through it if it blew. lol. :O)

From this at tea time:

To this taken at breakfast time this morning:

Amazing where it all goes to.

Hope you all kept dry and safe in the storms. I know it hit other places much harder than this but I could not believe how much water fell from the skies. Pretty spectacular, especially when we are all safe and dry again.

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I live in south east London and we got the storm in the morning and the afternoon. The rain was being blown sideways by the wind so the garden didn't benefit much from the rain! As soon as the rain stopped the ground was dry. It's still windy here today, and sunny. It reminds me of being near the sea, so I am liking it.

11 Aug, 2014


yes it is a bit blustery here. I have four lines of washing to dry outside so it maybe will stay fine until it is dry. Fingers crossed. We are sheltered somewhat from the really strong winds by the wood which more or less surrounds the cottage and gardens so we are very lucky.

11 Aug, 2014


Thats what our garden looked like yesterday Barbara, I honestly thought the two ponds were going to become one, like yours its drained away now but its still very windy here , cold as well and the sky is looking very angry still, my washing is in the dryer, I cheated, lol, gotta go out and rescue some gladioli and pick up loads of apples before the dogs make themselves ill.....

11 Aug, 2014


Oh dear! And now she's arrived here and is unpacking her suitcase for the week! We've had heavy rain since yesterday evening, and I didn't manage to sleep through the winds Mum! Bt the sky is beginning to brighten a little. The landscapers called to cancel again...two weeks behind now...and the pod is supposed to arrive Thursday. I hope the electrician will be able to get the cable in before then, as it's supposed to rain again tomorrow, with a lull on Wednesday. Let's hope it doesn't turn out as bad as expected. It's so miserable. I walked the dogs in it at 8am and even they weren't impressed!

11 Aug, 2014


Its started to blow again here, but still sunny. Glad you are drying out Lincslass lots of water stood yesterday, but the roads are drying nicely now. Just been to do my weekly shop and not much surface water lying around anymore.

Karen hope the electrician gets there soon. I do not think we had it that bad really just lots of water in a short space of time. So looking forward to seeing the pod when it is in situ. :O)

11 Aug, 2014


she had a bit of a paddy over hull and its surroundings. I'm about 2 miles from where the supposed tornado hit. We certainly saw some interesting cloud formations yesterday. As for rain it was almost as bad as the floods of 2007.
the promised rain hasn't materialised yet today but the winds are definitely as predicted.

Hope everything works out to the time scale Karen.

11 Aug, 2014


I saw the local news and they were reporting a mini tornado in Hull area and Paul the weatherman said there had been a lot of sightings of funnel cloud formations in that area too. Keep safe and dry Seaburngirl. :O)

11 Aug, 2014


Yesterday was a morning of heavy persistent rain, had to go out and there were flash floods, water across roads and pushing up manhole covers, by the afternoon it was really windy and bright sun, had that all day today......Scotland seems to have had it bad today as you say Karen, saw a photo from Nairn of this sinkhole opened up and all these pigs looking into is, so funny.....
its not though is it, quite worrying really.

11 Aug, 2014


Here where I live in Germany we were threatened with heavy rain and thunder storms from the met office, but apparently the wind changed direction and it went up through Belgium and Holland, so apart from a couple of light rain showers we got away with it lightly.

11 Aug, 2014


I shall go and look that up...I haven't seen it!

11 Aug, 2014


I have the bbc news app and its on that with the title travel chaos as storms hit.......

11 Aug, 2014


Thanks Pam...I found it!

11 Aug, 2014


Your little Schnautzer? looks a little bemused.

11 Aug, 2014


He hates water, and when it rains he walks around lifting paws up in turn to try and keep them dry he is so funny. :O)

12 Aug, 2014


no need for goldfish just yet

14 Aug, 2014

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