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Crocosmia in the Garden 2014


Last year on a very hot day Marjories and I met up for the first time. We had planned on a visit to Caistor Crocosmia Gardens owned by Mark and Laurie Fox.

We had a lovely morning with them both and their cat. We were absolutely bowled over by how many different crocosmia there are. Laurie took us down to show us her stock of plants at her allotment site. Absolutely amazing, so many varieties so many colour variances.
We had no idea there were so many different ones. I had the same old ones that are usual to the g.c. around our area. I was inspired to buy more, I love how they keep the season in the garden flowering for longer.

Mark and Laurie open their garden for the Hedgehog Care Charity in August, think this year it is open on the 16th and 17th August 2014

Open times: 10am – 5pm (kids free)

Entrance Fee: £2.50

There are lovely plants for sale and you will be amazed at how many different ones there are. Hope you can get to see them.

Here are my ones that are or have been flowering in my garden just now:-

Columbus – I didn’t have flowers on this one last year but it has done well this year. :O)


George Davidson



Pauls Best Yellow, huge flowers lovely yellow:O)

I have lost the label on this one, but think it maybe Comet. Found out from googling (so useful) this one is Crocosmia Zambesi – thank goodness for Google images.

This one says it is Orange Devil on its label but I am not sure that is correct. Maybe this one is Orangeade as I have looked at that and it has reflexed petals.

Think this one could be Anniversary after looking through dozens of pictures to try and i.d. it.

This is one which CottageKaren sent me it is called I think Orangeade – Karen thinks it is C. Meteor, she is probably right there after looking at it.

This is one I bought when Marjorie and I went to Caistor, unfortunately the label has gone, maybe if Laurie looks in she might id it for me. So if the others have got the wrong labels on this one could be Orange Devil –

These are just a few of the ones I have some of the ones I bought at Caistor have not got flowers yet, but are growing well, so hopefully next year there will be more to add to the collection. :O)

I have purchased Emily McKenzie this week and it is nearly in flower. Also up in the woodland border I did spy Limpopo which is about to flower so when they are out I shall add a picture of them too. :O)

Apologies for some of the photos which are not very clear but I am not too good with a camera. I think though you will get the drift and see how addicted I have become to these beautiful/colourful flowers.

I hope you do not mind me mentioning, the Crocosmia Gardens Open Day as it is for Charity. :O) Hope you enjoy the pictures. :O)

Added on:- Crocosmia Emily McKenzie

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Hi mum. The two from me are Okavango and Meteore..the one you have as 'Orangeade' looks like Meteore. They are lovely...they just need controlling or they go mad. I have Okavango here and a lovely yellow one called 'Honey Angel'. I'm really in to the yellow ones!

8 Aug, 2014


ok will have a look at that one then online.

8 Aug, 2014

8 Aug, 2014


i do so love looking around open gardens..hope it brings lots of money in for the hedgehogs.

8 Aug, 2014


Your photos and details of the gardens have fired me up Oliveoil, I'm now working on the OH to get him to take me ASAP. I'll let you know how I get on, Thank you!

8 Aug, 2014


the darned birds turf the labels out and they get blown about and moved around so am never really sure which is which, but have been on to Laurie and Marks albums on their website and Orangeade does have a turned back petals. So think maybe the label belongs to the one next to it which I could not identify. That would explain it. As for Meteor I have no idea, mine is a very dark orange and the problem with my camera it does not pick up reds and oranges correctly. Have edited the blog to say which you think is Meteor, maybe someone else will have some ideas lol I am not sure, more sure about Orangeade and Orange Devil now so just got to be more convinced on Meteor. lol :O)

8 Aug, 2014


lol Waddy, hope you get to see lots of Crocosmia, if Laurie takes you down to her allotment you will be absolutely amazed at how many different ones there are.

Sandra it is a good charity, I love hedgehogs. :O)

8 Aug, 2014


What a lot of yellows there are and you never normally see them. If you would like a few Severn Sunrise in the autumn Oliveoil send me a PM.

8 Aug, 2014


Stera I have pm you. Thank you. Have you had a look at the Crocosmia Gardens website there are so many on there, amazing pictures. Lots of different colours too, so pretty, wish I had lots of room left to plant some more in. I am thinking maybe a little border in the front garden that at the moment isn't doing much would be ideal. So watch this space. lol. I feel a grass chopping out session coming on. lol. :O)

8 Aug, 2014


I remember you writing about these plants last year.
Seems a good collecting theme.

8 Aug, 2014


Beautiful I too love Crocosmias. Thanks for the website maybe I can identify a few of my lost label ones.

9 Aug, 2014


Diane they keep colour going for much longer in the garden, Lucifer is over now but the seed heads are lovely and if you look there is another Lucifer (cannot remember the full name) which flowers later after the tall one and is a shorter variety.

Wendy I find it a very useful website for identifying them. Think you will like it too. Laurie and Mark Fox are very helpful people. Good luck with the id. :O)

9 Aug, 2014


They are lovely plants, Barbara. I only have the common one that used to be called montbretia, but I love it. As long as I pull out what I don't want, it fills a couple of spaces nicely. The flowers are such a pretty shape, and a lovely colour.

9 Aug, 2014


Love your crocosmias I only wish mine were as good as yours. I will put some photos on for you to see.
Yes we had a lovely day in Caistor and well worth a visit.
Love Marjorie.

9 Aug, 2014


Melchi I have that orange one all over the borders, they so brighten up the borders and keep the colour going I love them all.

Marjories yours will be better next year hopefully. The yellow ones have been in for quite a few years now and are becoming established, they were not from Caistor. Hope you and your hubby are keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather, although the last couple of days has been a bit of a wash out at times. We got lots of rain on Friday evening but not as bad as some places in Lincolnshire. Hope you are managing to keep dry. x B

9 Aug, 2014


Interesting blog olive, have been a fan of these plants for many years, bought several. varieties with us when we moved from the Midlands,a favourite was a lovely bronze leaf and yellow flowers think it was called Solfatare, which is slightly tender, unfortunately we lost it, last year I bought quite a few from a specialist nursery, and was amazed at all the new varieties, could have spent a fortune.
You have a great collection and they do make very attractive garden plants, especially at this time of the year.

9 Aug, 2014


Thank you Dd, yes they are pretty plants. Will have a look at Solfatare, think I have lost my Jackanapes one, not seen it this year, although after saying that I cannot remember seeing it last year either. I know some of them are not as hardy as others which is always a shame. I bought some many years ago now from a nursery on line and they were in pots I left them outside to grow on over winter and they did not survive, but for the life of me I cannot remember which they were. lol.

10 Aug, 2014


Just found the answer to one of the crocosmia names, the one I thought was Comet is indeed Zambesi. so will adjust the title to that picture. Also Emily McKenzie has opened up and am adding her picture too to the blog. She deserves her place, it is a lovely crocosmia, orange with a deep maroon centre, beautiful sorry the picture doesn't do it justice my camera ...... I know a poor man who blames his tools. lol.

14 Aug, 2014

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