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A Little Ode to GoY........


Hi folks!

Well, as some of you may have noticed, some of you may have not and some may not have cared:0(, I have been absent somewhat over the past 3-4 weeks due to work commitments and family health issues. Time has flown by and I have found it difficult to get on to GoY but, I DO intend catching up with all your blogs and pics as I have missed it all a lot!

I also hear word that things have been a little…..shall we say, heated on here, in my absence! For those of us who felt the urge to ‘disappear’ for a while, don’t let them get you down and for those who have resurfaced…..GOOD! Don’t be pushed around by others and enjoy the folk who enjoy YOU and what you are about. I love to see what othes are up to in their gardens and otherwise and I feel happiness with them, sadness with them, compassion for them and, above all, I am learning some invaluable gardening experience and advice from them. I don’t just get support on my garden issues but other things too and it’s nice to know you have somewhere to come and just chat about EVERYTHING! I don’t always find interest in EVERY blog, but for me, it’s a simple process of, I just don’t read it! It doesn’t mean I won’t read another blog from that person and nor does it upset me if the blog is not strictly gardening.

Peter and Ajay set up a gardening Blog/Advice site and a fine site it is too. As it has grown, things have evolved and whilst the ‘core’ structure of gardening remains, I believe that there is room for decent folk to share their personal experience with one another whether it be by PM or public blog for all. It was never going to remain a small affair as more and more people discovered it and having all you wonderful people standing beside me on my journey, well….it just makes it more enjoyable.

So, enough said and here’s my little ditty I penned earlier, hope you all like:

Now here is a tale of folk, oh so nice,
Sharing their thoughts and giving advice,
Where is this place, where they spread so much joy,
Right here on the NET, in a place, they call GoY!

Whatever the issue, the question or prob,
There’s always a GoYer, to help with the job,
Be it plant life or veggies or an issue with pets,
The support you are given is the best you can get.

It seems most folk find GoY, purely by chance,
A gardening problem, their head in their hands,
They post on their question and await a reply,
Not expecting the amount, of replies to be high.

But sure enough, the answers come thick and fast,
Experience abound, from present and past,
The poster agog at the friendly advice,
And says to themselves, ‘Actually this site, is really quite nice’.

So before they know it, they start to look round,
Being amazed at this site they have found,
Reading the blogs and checking the pics,
Answering others and learning new tricks.

They’re getting sucked in and they can’t say no,
‘I could blog my garden….I’ll give it a go,
But will they be interested, will they read mine?’,
Well pull up a seat, trust me, you’ll be fine.

First blog is posted, YIPPEE, it’s done,
Within half an hour comes comment one,
So someone is interested, in my little space,
If only they could see, the smile on my face.

They start taking photo’s of wildlife and flowers,
They can’t get away and are on here for hours,
Sharing a story, happy or sad,
Some not about gardening….but is that really so bad?

They’ve joined a community, of virtual friends,
Where folk share their stories of pets on the mend,
Or how to grow veggies and cook a nice meal,
And questions on gardening, still keeping it real.

So what of the folk, who don’t like our flannel,
Well, it’s simple really, you just change the channel,
Because I, for one, girls and boys,
Intend sticking round, with my family on GoY

So experienced or newbie, we don’t give a dang,
You’re all very welcome to join our big gang,
Pull up a seat and decide what to do,
And be amazed and bewildered, coz it will……*GROW ON YOU!*

….and how was your day?

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Brilliant :-)))

13 Nov, 2009


Well said. Made me smile :~))))))))

13 Nov, 2009


Ray and Ali - awfu' pally
Ali and Ray - here to stay
Folk like these are just a joy
To the family of GoY

Fabulous, Ray ( or Ali, or both of you! )

You've said what so very many of us feel about this site, and said it very poetically indeed!


13 Nov, 2009


I am with U on this one, a great site.

13 Nov, 2009


'fraid i'm not poetic but you summed it up nicely as eric robson on GQT says
" onwards and upwards!"

13 Nov, 2009


Thanks all for your kind comments. Glad you liked....OH.....

and Bscott....

Ali doesn't live with Ray,
That must have been another day,
For I really am her only man,
But the name's not's actually Dan:0))))))

LoL!! Good verse though, all the same!

13 Nov, 2009


Well said OB My sentiments exactly ...and every line a gem!!

13 Nov, 2009


Well done, OB :)

13 Nov, 2009


CRAFT moment, Dan!
I read 'Ray' on someone else's post, so I'm not the only one who got it wrong, thank heavens! If you've got to have egg on face it's always good if someone else got hit with it too!!!!

Dan's the Man
He's Ali's bloke
So who the hell is Ray?
I have no clue
I'll have to hope
He shows himself one day!

13 Nov, 2009


Nice one Bscott, LoL!! We all get those moments and funnily enough, Ali has gone back to work for her evening shift and taken the eggs with her that she brought home earlier for me but left in the car!!! So, no egg in my face tonight I fancy....but most other days there is!

Thanks Alz and Gee. How's things Gee?

13 Nov, 2009


Hope you're not going to go hungry, Dan?

13 Nov, 2009


No, I am going to cook one of my own dish of Chorizo, tinned chopped tomatoes, onion and some other bits and have it with pasta bows....delicous!

Ali asked me to make it as she really like it so, being the ever-pleasing man about the house, that is what I shall do for her return!! Oh I'm good to her....LoL!!


13 Nov, 2009


Well Raydan, Danray .... !! LOL
Mr. OB ..... there you go !!
You really have said it all our kid .... and said it in such a wonderful way !
I am grinning from ear to ear. ...... Isn't Goytown great ?? ;~)))))

13 Nov, 2009


Great blog Tom Jaok no sorry Dan loved it every line very true. Grrrrrrrrrrrr some people.

13 Nov, 2009


There are as many opinions about GoY as there are members. There will always be differences in those opinions, the important thing to remember is that there are recognised procedures for complaining about anything that 'isn't in the spirit of GoY' and our own law enforcers (Peter and Ajay) will soon make sure that anything of this nature is quickly removed and those responsible are warned about their future conduct!

A brill and very timely blog OB.

I had noticed your absence Dan but put it down to work/time constraints.
Pleased to see you back on board again.

13 Nov, 2009 Ray a half of Bonkersbon?

Oh! I'll be wondering about this ALL night, now!

DAN......go and vote for a date on my hyacinth blog! Still some dates left, and we might be about to have a 'discussion' on the correct definition of 'flowering' there's a garden-related blog if ever I saw one!!!!


13 Nov, 2009


Thanks Digs, nice to be back. even longer days coming up from next week what with xmas hours an all but I will try to get on as much as possible.

Ignorance is bliss when certain opinions are aired. I love being able to choose whom I listen or speak to. Loved the drawing of Holly by the way. Saw it briefly t'other night so will be going back for a better look. Who did it for you?

Bscott.....yes, Ray id half of Bonkersbon or are you having me on? You knew already didn't you?:0))

Oh, and I've just given you a date for the hyacinths!!

13 Nov, 2009


Sid did it for us Dan! :~)))))

13 Nov, 2009


Well said, OB - and well poeted.

13 Nov, 2009


Well said and all in a poem.

13 Nov, 2009


Yep, Dan, I've added your chosen date to the hyacinth list!
No, I knew Ray was SOMEONE but I got meself all muddled up ( par for the course when you're an ageing eejit like me! ) and mixed up you and Bonkersbon!
Apologies, BB, if you're looking in!

13 Nov, 2009


Nice sentiments OB ..and the ode compliments them perfectly.No worries for me Bscott poor Dan got the short straw ..
or perhaps you were thinking of Milkys hubby ?

13 Nov, 2009


BB - RAY....apologies for taking your name for Dan's!!!!


13 Nov, 2009


Honestly its fine ..take as a compliment as this Ode very good .x

13 Nov, 2009


It's her age BBDanray !! LOL ;~)))))

13 Nov, 2009


I dont think there is any excuse what so ever for sending an unpleasant/rude pm!!! Like your thoughts Dan hope all is well at home now?

13 Nov, 2009


Drc, have you really had a rude PM? If so flag it straight away!

13 Nov, 2009


Not referring to me Ian, and yes I told the person who has been getting them to flag them.

13 Nov, 2009


Brilliant, Dan! Love the poem & you're totally right!! :~)))))

13 Nov, 2009


Oh please this cannot be continuing ..whats wrong with people?

I ll leave you with this thought courtesy B. Taupin.

What have I got to do to make you love me ?
What have I got to do to make you care ?
What do I do when lightning strikes me ?
And wake to find that your not there .

What do I do to make you want me ?
What have I got to do to be heard ?
What do I say when its all over ?
And SORRY seems to be the hardest word.

Its sad .. so sad its a sad sad situation.
And its getting more and more absurd .
Its sad so sad .. why cant we talk it over ?
Oh it seems to me , that SORRY seems to be the hardest word.

13 Nov, 2009



13 Nov, 2009


Oh Bonkersbon that made me cry :(

OB...a great blog, thankyou x

13 Nov, 2009


A brilliant can argue with its sentiment.:))

13 Nov, 2009


Brilliant choice, Ray! VERY apt these days!
Right, I'll start! To anyone I have offended or hurt, wittingly or unwittingly, I'm SORRY.

13 Nov, 2009


And so am I ......

13 Nov, 2009


well done Dan, love the ryming, very good, says it all, nice to see you back ;o)

13 Nov, 2009


Excellent blog Dan......You have expressed exactly my feelings. Well done. Great to have you back (I did notice you weren't around......Really!! ).
I think I've always called you Oddie.....hope that's OK.

14 Nov, 2009


None ODDIER than my good lady would have it known!!!

Thanks, good to be back. must catch up on others blogs now tho!

14 Nov, 2009


My experience precisely Oddbillie. Great muse.

14 Nov, 2009


Are you as odd as Mr. OB then Ponty ?? tee hee hee ;~))

14 Nov, 2009


Can't imagine what you mean Sue!! I was perfectly normal until I became entangled with you and the crazy gang. lol
Hang on a minute! Why me AND O'billie? This isn't a racist comment is it? I shall have to flag you! :-((

15 Nov, 2009


Whilst I'm with you on that one Ponty, I have to ask that you excuse Mrs Sue as she thinks.......come closer so I can whisper....(we're the odd ones and she's perfectly normal!) I won't tell if you don't?

Hi Sue, lovely to see you girl!

15 Nov, 2009


Good afternoon Mr. OB. I've got VERY big ears !!! Lol All I know is that I AM normal .... in my world !! ~)))

15 Nov, 2009


Which planet?

15 Nov, 2009


Planet Brummagem ..... where else ??? LOL ;~))

15 Nov, 2009


Oh! I thought you meant INNER space.:-))

15 Nov, 2009


More like Inner Ring Road !! LOL:~))

15 Nov, 2009


Sue: What is VERY?.........and stop calling me big ears!!! :0)

15 Nov, 2009


LMAO !! OK Noddy !
Ponty, think you ought to know that Mr. OB is the keeper of the Welsh branch of Meerkats Anon. Distant cousins of the Brum branch. Of course, they're all hibernating in garages at the moment, but, come Spring .............. watch out !!! ;~))))

16 Nov, 2009

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