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I must apologise for some of the photo’s contained within this blog as I know they will make some of you feel squeamish and uncomfortable. I want to show you all what we did a couple of days ago when we offered up a day of our precious time, to our daughter & future son-in-law, to help find their garden!!

Take a deep breath and read on……

As you know from my last blog, we spent 9 hours or so in our garden on Monday which left us aching from top to toe! Being good parents, or more likey, suckers for punishment, we agreed to go and help out at the kids new house the following day – Tuesday.

They officially move in in a week or so and have been spending every spare minute there trying to get the inside sorted. Having tried to tackle many rooms in one go, they are finding it fairly tough going and the budget has fast run out and been exceeded! Our task was somewhat easier, we thought, in that we were going to try and tackle the garden. This is what we faced when we arrived:

View from the bedroom window…..

Some shots from the ground….

Now, we were supplied with various tools to aid us in finding a garden of some description but unfortunately, I failed to take any snaps of said power tools. However, a quick rundown should give you a good idea:

Long handled hedge-trimmer, (capable of twisting, turning and extending), smaller hedge-trimmer, loppers, secateurs, saws, MANLY gloves – son-in-law can’t wear these as they are FAR TOO BIG AND MANLY, for his delicate, soft Fairy hands, shears, rakes and brushes.

So, after deciding how and where to start, we ploughed on, literally, and after an hour or so, had got thus far…..

Now, the idea was to just cut back as much as possible for them in order to give them a base to work from. It was never going to be perfect but it’s a start!

Knowing my other passion for taking pics, I was constantly getting called all over the garden to phottograph a creepy crawly or two and so, in order to get them out of the way in one fatal swoop, thus giving Madperth, Lincs, Lily AND any other arachnid haters the chance to quickly scroll over them, all the spider pics I took throught out the day are now coming up…..

Just wrapping the meat before putting in the oven…..

THAT’S IT……no more spiders!!

So, we moved through the next few hours chopping, cutting and nearly killing ourselves…..well, I nearly killed myself as I almost managed to cut through the wire on the small hedge-trimmer!! Oh, and I appeared to have done something to the long handled hedge-trimmer….we blamed the son-in-law’s mate who was working indoors plastering walls and what not, and bizarrely, he was happy to accept responsibility!! Maybe the fact that I was a lot bigger and taller than him actually swayed his decision on that one:0)

So, a couple of nice pics before reaching the conclusion of the days work….

Can you see me?

We worked our way down the garden, sorry, jungle, and were surprised at what we found…..

Looking back up the garden towards the house….

…and back down!

And finally, a picture from the same bedroom window as the first picture on this blog! They’ve a way to go and unfortunately, they’re not keen gardeners so we are working on them…..

Some of the bramble/nettle vines were the width of my index finger and caused some major damage to my legs, which , I hasten to add, were covered up!

There used to be an old Corona pop factory nearby – anyone remember Corona pop? – and underneath all the weeds and undergrowth, we found an old Corona pop bottle stand…..

I brought it home, cleaned it up…..

Took my Peacock Orchid bulbs out and placed on kitchen roll on the stand to dry out……

Currently covered over in the GH to dry before putting them away for winter. Good recycling job on the plastic stand though eh? Might get some money on Ebay for it…..nostalgia/memorabilia and all that!!

And how was your day?

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Oh Dan, I`m sorry but I`ve had a laugh and its all at your expense but its your own fault for being so good at describing your antics. Really speaking you enjoyed yourself and you can definitely see an improvement and its given them a start, thats what comes with being good parents we get roped in as well. I `m a bit disappointed you didn`t find any tigers in that undergrowth,lol, but at least you got a good stand out of it, yes we used to have the pop man every Saturday, Corona was the best, Cherryade was my favourite although I always insisted I only bought it for the

15 Oct, 2009


Hi billie, who's hand was holding the spider. I'm not scared of them but I don't think I would go as far as to hold one. What ever you do keep. keep . keep that stand. Theres loads of uses for it. You've found one already. You could find alarge polythene bag to cover it, completely enclosed it's a propergater in the spring, it's a cover to put some shorter plants on top shelf and taller ones on bottom shelf for some winter protection.And it just looks high enough to work on it as a work table sitting down in your garden.
And as for that white sink what aplanter it would make

15 Oct, 2009


What a job to tackle Dan, I could see a couple of things there that would be used in mine, like the old wheelbarrow that could be cleaned up and painted with some hammerite and planted up and that sink, Oh! Boy! what a lovely little wildlife pond that would make. Cracking spider shots too.
Corona pop was the best by far.

15 Oct, 2009


I agree with Frank! I wasnt even going to look at the blog after the warning, but you're definitely making a difference! Were there no plants worth rescuing?
Yes keep the stand AND the wheelbarrow & belfast sink!

15 Oct, 2009


Wow......what a job you had......Well done. The difference is amazing. You have worked incredibly hard.
Love the spider shots. They are beautiful aren't they?
Corona isn't pop over's Mexican Beer!!! LOL. Pretty good too!
I have to say my arms look very much like your legs....I've spent the day trying to bed my roses down for the winter. I think I lost a pint of blood. :o)

16 Oct, 2009


FANTASTIC!!! You worked so hard and what a lot you got done! I have to say, I've never really understood people who don't like gardening buying houses with gardens! Seems very odd! Still, hopefully you'll have a pair of converts on your hands, sooner rather than later. That's got the potential to make a really nice garden, and I'd kill for that lovely little greenhouse! The Belfast looked in good nick....make a nice alpine trough, raised on brick pillars or Fairy-Hands any good at basic bricklaying....oh, forget I asked!

I do like those big girly spiders ( I think they're the females, aren't they? ) but I don't think I'm ready to have one ON me, ta awfully!

Look forward to seeing what you and Ali make of this good space....oh, sorry, no...erm...what your daughter and son-in-law make of it!!!

Lovely blog, Dan!

16 Oct, 2009


what a great day's work, tired and achey you might have been, but bet you felt good after you'd fininshed it all :))

16 Oct, 2009


Well done you've made a world of difference.
I remember the pop van coming round delivering Corona an age ago.
Maybe you can acquire the greenhouse as your reward for all the hard work

16 Oct, 2009


Thanks all for your great comments.

Lincs: Glad it made you smile. I was once sick as a child because I drank too much Cherryade. Never been a fan since! I was expecting David Attenborough to jump out at some point.......anyone see that new series of his.....LIFE? Very good and amazing photography!

Frank: It was the future son-in-law who held the spider. As we came across one in the grass or on a bush, I would carry it over to next door's fuschia's so it wouldn't get hurt or killed. Don't worry, we are keeping the pop stand because as you rightly say, it has loads of good uses. Liked the propergator idea....or should it be POP ergator!!

Bob: Yes, hopefully they will keep hold of the wheelbarrow as it would be great planted up. As for Corona, yes it was good stuff but we aslo used to get a pop van called ALPINE which made lots of different flavours as well...I liked that a a kid! Then of course, Dad elevated us in the credibility stakes amongst our neighbours by purchasing a.......SODASTREAM!!!

Marie: Who's a brave girl then?!! We have left a buddlia there and another nice looking bush whose name eluded us. Everything else was pretty much weeds or nettles.....and BIG ones as my 'leg' photo shows!!

Gilli: I fully understand and sympathise with your sever blood loss. Unfortunately for me, I received no sympathy as I lay bleary eyed and faint-headed on the path as blood was GUSHING out of my leg. I made some big sacrifices that day and received many injuries.....nearly killed meself for pete's sake, and needed a transfusion for me leg.....PUH, gratitude I don't think!! :0)

Bscott: Thanks and yes, we were surprised at how much we achieved in 5 or so hours - stopped for lunch too! Fairy hands, in fairness, is pretty good at most things but just has NO concept for or desire to do, gardening on any level. He wants to tarmac it and paint it green!! We will keep pushing but the garden is not a priority for them at the moment as so much needs doing inside. We can't offer up much time due to work commitments so it will be difficult but we are hoping for a small budget in the future to try and do something out there for them. As for the Blefast sink, she wants it in the side passage to actually use as a sink!

Grindle: After our 9 hours in our garden the day before, not sure if I felt wholly good but yes, it was nice to see what we had achieved!

Pipsqueak: We already have a GH but are trying to persuade the daughter, Nicola, to USE it. She is, it has to be said, a bit more enthusiastic about it than him!! We can but try Pip, we can but try!!

16 Oct, 2009


Brilliant job, so much easier for them to keep on top of now and a greenhouse too
thay are lucky

x x

16 Oct, 2009


O.M.G. Dan, Alpine drinks, yes I remember those too, a lorry used to come around once a week if I'm not mistaken, and the flavours were so different.
I still have my Sodastream :o)) and it still works, these days tho' it only gets used at Christmas for making soda water. I do hope the blood transfusion goes well those gashes looked very nasty indeed, have you had your tetanus jab, we don't want you getting galloping leg rot. Rest up now mate, put yer leg in a sling and take it easy.

16 Oct, 2009


great blog Dan, sorry about the war wounds :o)
SPIDERS i did peek and great shots even though i hate them
i remember the corona van coming every week round our way, still going i think,,
great they have a lovely looking greenhouse there so hope they get into the gardening thing,got their work cut out there, like a wilderness, after your hard work i hope they keep it going,, take a rest now Dan :o)

16 Oct, 2009


War wounds? Puh!

16 Oct, 2009


lol mari, well its always a major thing when a man has a few scratches isnt it lol

16 Oct, 2009


Hmmm! Wimps!

16 Oct, 2009


You women just don't understand the sacrifices us blokes make for you!
Thats a really nice looking space Dan, if they don't want it then I know someone who does. Lol :~)))))))))))))))

16 Oct, 2009


and vis versa i think ian dear lol :o)))
hope your well today and the sun is out like here in blackpool

16 Oct, 2009


Mookins: Hi there! Hope you're well! Just hope we can convert them now. As I've said previously, they're not interested at the moment but who knows....

Bob: Thanks for your understanding and concern. I knew I could rely on you in my time of 'much required sympathy'. Doctor reckons I may need up to 6 months off after the transfusion but I will continue to soldier on in my attempt to keep the missus happy.....

San: Another brave girl for peeking at the little spiders....great colourings though eh? VERY lucky to have the GH, you're quite right and will save them a lot of money by not having to buy one. Mind you, fairy hands would rather take it down anyway!! I'm trying to rest today San but you know how it is.....always something that Ali is shouting at me for. Ref your PM, she has been tied up with work and also trying to make lots of things for a couple of Craft fairs she's got coming up!! She's a busy girl but not having to go through a major blood transfusion, is obviously in a far better place than me.......:0)

Marie: And there's me thinking you were a kind, loving & sympathetic woman.......PUH, how wrong was I!!!!

Digs: Hiya mate! Looks like us men will have to stick together......LIKE THE WOMEN ALWAYS DO!! Sacrifice is my middle name mate! As for the space, get in the queue!! Fantastic plot and so much you could do with it. Only time will tell. No idea what San is going on about....'and vice versa.....!'

We got th TerrorJACdyl tonight so watch out Corner Cottage, trouble is a coming!!!!

16 Oct, 2009


your so funny Dan, splitting me stitches here lol

16 Oct, 2009


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't do that San!! Right, look into my eyes and the first one to laugh buys the cakes.........8-))))~~

16 Oct, 2009


:o))) did you say cakes ummm ummm

16 Oct, 2009


Have you laughed yet? I'm still sat here stony faced.........8-I

16 Oct, 2009


nope not laughing, to tired now :o( couldnt split a stitch if i tried , so you will have to laugh for me Dan ok

16 Oct, 2009


Lol scratches on your legs you were so engrossed you could nt of felt them as Lincslass said you enjoyed it really,:o)) the museum would be interested in that stand, a bit of history there, I remember we use to take them back the bottle s that is, and get a penny for them, How people can be gardeners when they are frightened of spiders I don't know as I get them all over me, I once came in from the garden cooked my tea, sat down and was watching tv, not that I watch much and I started to feel a tickle on my breast, with having a v necked jumper on, I looked down and saw this great big black spider crawling out of my bra lol Marie would have had a fit lol , I just knocked it off now its about my house some where he he. You have done a grand job there, I knew it would be for your daughter as men seldom ever do it for sons. You can encourage them by them doing a bit of hard work and at the same time plant a plant which they will have to care for, they then will become intested. I have found if you do it all for them they won't have any will to be interested , as easy come easy go.

16 Oct, 2009


No probs. Go and have a lie down San and let yourself just drift off intooooooooooooooooo........Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

16 Oct, 2009


LoL Morgana!! I'm not a great fanof the old spidery ones but am fascinated by the markings and how they operate in their world! I assume that the one that fell down your top was just trying to get abreast of things........

Nicola's actually my future stepdaughter but she has so much fromme, she is like my daughter....I don't mind, having none of my own, it's a nice feeling:0) As for Ali's son.....well, he, like his mummy, is the first to offer up help but won't acdept any from us when it comes tohis home and his girlfriend etc. A very proud young man from the valleys you see!!

That's not a bad idea actually about getting their first plant. I had thought of doing this anyway but not with the idea behind it that you have suggested. May well try that, so thanks.

16 Oct, 2009


Well done it looks as if it could be a nice garden love the greenhouse aswell.

16 Oct, 2009


Lol Oddbillie I supose it was he he Yes they had nice markings on them

16 Oct, 2009


What a lucky couple to have parents like you, and doing it all with such good humour too. Your spider pics were brilliant. I wouldn't hold one in my hand but I can appreciate what wonderful insects they are.
(I don't think they are insects though are they?) We did something similar for our daughter, but that was 12 or 15 years ago and we thoroughly enjoyed it - couldn't do it now.
You had so much to get rid of too and thats not always easy is it?

16 Oct, 2009


Thanks Clarice. Hope you're well.

Mad: You have to have humour or you have nothing!

Spiders belongs to a large group of animals called Arthropoda. Biologist and entomologists calls Arthropoda a phylum. The phylum Arthropoda consists of five classes of animals:





Spiders belongs to the class Arachnida while insects are found in the class Insecta. There you go, that answers your question:0) You're quite right too, it's not easy to get rid of so much stuff when you've cut it all back........that's why we piled it all up high in one corner of the garden under the dining room window for THEM to dispose of it!!!!

Well, we can't do everything for them......

16 Oct, 2009


Lol dan! I AM sympathetic, but not when you're just being pathetic!
Anyway, do you remember, not so long ago YOU werent interested in gardening either?!!!
Just do your magic, boyo!

16 Oct, 2009


Nothing wrong with the Valley's as my mum and dad came from the valley's lol your welcome to the idea hope it works.

16 Oct, 2009


I think you've got yourself a long term project there Dan, bet you end up doing most of it and you'll love it!....Won't you? Well done on all that hard work.
Those spiders are fine, they are out in the garden where they belong and as long as they stay there, that's fine. It's the indoors and shed ones that are SCARY!! :o(((
Morgana, you do have some strange things in your bra don't you....spiders, egg cosies....whatever next? LOL

16 Oct, 2009


Watch this space is what I say he he.

16 Oct, 2009


The mind boggles, Morgana!!

16 Oct, 2009


Hmmmm...Danny boy...spider's are prettily marked but STILL YUK! Love the fluffy, spikey thingy pic!

I agree with Mad...your kids are lucky to have parents who do all this for them...a new house is enough to take on but the garden is such a big part of it that they must be very grateful not to have to tackle it themselves!!! Good for you!

16 Oct, 2009


I remember Corona pop lol...
You'll have to get those kids interested in the garden or you'll be doing it all the time for them.

19 Oct, 2009


Lol Hywel thats what I said he he

19 Oct, 2009


lol :o)

19 Oct, 2009



19 Oct, 2009

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