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Long time no Blog..............Explanation


By nana_d


Life has been somewhat hectic for me since the end of last August more hectic then the norm of doing the bungalow and garden up from scratch. My son his wife and my grand daughter Livvy moved in with us while they had a major extension and renovation done on their bungalow. This meant moving my dining room into the loft Livvy moving into the dining room and my son and wife moving into our spare bedroom! This was going to be for three months but in the end it was six months. It was lovely having them here with us but lovely when they eventually moved into there nearly new home Just before they moved into mine my son announced that Lou his wife was expecting baby number two very exciting another grandchild for me to cuddle due April 14th.

End of February beginning of March we started to work on the alfresco area at the end of the garden and that is now complete. OH mum gave him a bird box and we put it up and waited…….soon a mum and dad great tit moved in and have been busy laying eggs and now it seems feeding their babies. We have had lots of bird activity in the garden and have seen at least 12 different species of birds we now have binoculars that we bought in a charity shop at a bargain price of £10.

Unfortunately I had a few casualties in the garden due to the bad winter my clematis Montana that was doing a great job of climbing up the arch last year bit the dust and so did my lovely passion flower in the alfresco area so new ones had to be planted.

Last weekend OH made me some shelving to put some more…… guessed it pots on so when we are sitting in the new alfresco area looking the arch we do not see a blank fence.

On the 19th April we had a new addition to the family little Max was born weighing a healthy 7lb 14oz he is just adorable and Livvy just dotes on her baby brother.

All my summer is in now and I am just waiting for them to start blooming really excited and it is just great to be back in the garden

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Gosh you have had a busy time. Love the alfresco area and the shelving.
Livvy looks very proud to be Max’s big sister....gorgeous both of them.

28 May, 2011


Thanks Sueb yes very busy but lovely as well. Yes Livvy is very proud of her new baby brother even though she wanted a sister to boss around lol!

28 May, 2011


Lovely baby, lovely little girl - lucky mum, having a girl first, or even at all, come to that - I didn't get one of those, lol!

28 May, 2011


My it must have been hectic in your house for a while, but its all looking good now. lovely children too.

28 May, 2011


Thank you Cinders and Bamboo things have settled down now to a normal hecticness lol

28 May, 2011


I love your white wall, Nana d, a very attractive feature, and your grand-children look lovely too.

28 May, 2011


Congratulations on being a 2 x gran :o)))
You must be glad to have your house back though. It's nice to see them come, and it's nice to see them go lol

29 May, 2011


Thanks Hywel, we are really enjoying our space and peace:)

30 May, 2011


Hi Nana,
Beautiful grand-children, and I can see your doing a great job in your garden. I know what it's like when you move into a new home, you want everything done to your liking, but it takes time, effort and money, but eventually it's been worth while and you take pride in what you've achieved. I know - moved into the bungalow (a stone through away from you) 3 years ago but still working on the garden, well always will be I expect as it's an ongoing occupation. (A lovely one at that.) It's the basic lay out and so forth, but then once that's done comes the fun bit. Enjoy it! And of course Livvy and Max.

2 Jun, 2011


Hi Tichy

Thank you for your comments I have looked at your photos what a wonderful job you have done with your garden and what a challenge on that slope but you have really made the most of it. I am in Bear Wood/Kinson area so I am near you in Poole. Bet you were cursing about the lack of rain! I have had the week off work and I have been to garden centres most days expensive is the hobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But as you say a truly lovely one.

Take Care and Happy Gardening


2 Jun, 2011


You are telling me, Haskins is my fav. GC. but occ. go to a fete of some sort and pick up a little bargain. At long last we've had some rain, but still not near enough, the level in my water butt has hardly risen. Never mind just have to use the cans or the hose and pay a bit more on the water bill. Who cares if it's good for the garden it's good for me.
Gardening is one of my biggest pleasure and I bet it's your too. All the best Debbie!

7 Jun, 2011


Thanks Titchy Happy Gardening:)

7 Jun, 2011


Titchy I go to a Nursery call Cherry Tree it is a charity run nursery for the mentally ill and it is really fab for reasonably priced good quality plants it is not to far away from you

7 Jun, 2011


Nana - We've had rain! Wonderful isn't it! Guess what, we have the Chestnut nursery here in Poole, it's the same as your Cherry Tree. Worked by people with learning disabilities. I saw it by accident and instead of going to the shopping center and spending money on clothes I bought a car boot full of plants. They are in excellent condition and quite a bit cheaper then in other GC's. Next Saturday plant sale at reduced prices. I shall be there!

12 Jun, 2011


Hi Titchy yes and what rain yes Chestnut Nursery is joined with Cherry Tree they are well looked after plants and I always find they are so helpful bought a fig tree for the front garden and two agapanthus and a lobelia periennual on Saturday £18 what a bargain won't have to water for a good couple of days now:)

12 Jun, 2011


Garden's coming along nicely Nana_d.
The photo of big sister holding baby brother is priceless. :-)

16 Jun, 2011

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