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Saving water the organic way!


Our local organic guru in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area has done some interesting research in the area of water conservation: Saving water via organic gardening

Just look at the difference in the “test plants”! Quite amazing!

I have noticed the difference especially in the indoor plants that I have re-potted into a rich organic media. They only need water about once a month, VS every two weeks or more. He mentions that Soil with 5% organic matter can hold almost 200 pounds of water in every 100 pounds of dry soil. A similar soil with only 1% organic matter can hold only 30 pounds of water in the same soil and I have found that in my own indoor plant testings.

Quite amazing to watch and play with! :-)

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Thanks for that info. It explains why my plants have generally done well with just using horse muck and leaf mould

6 Oct, 2009


Thanks n2 quite amazing that, and I have been to Fort Worth in the hight of summer and I know how you would have to save water, Phew! it was hot.

6 Oct, 2009

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