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Mother Nature shows off!


This afternoon our neighborhood Hawk was making the rounds and scattering all of the birds:

He was watching the area from the telephone pole at the edge of our yard..
After a little while, I managed to get a shot of his successful hunt! He had bagged a small Dove and had it in his talons on the ground! A once in a lifetime photo:

No wonder all of the Doves scatter when he flies by! What an awesome predator!

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What amasing shots and how cruel nature can be.

4 Oct, 2009


Yes Drc nature can be cruel but she made that beautiful bird of prey too.

4 Oct, 2009


Bobg does have a point! Mother nature always has a reason for everything that happens. That bird of prey also keeps the mouse and rat population in check out here.
If you think that the animal life can be cruel, just look at what plant-life does! Plants are FAR more cruel than any animal is.. Weeds are a good example. Predators that exploit weakness in your soil. Vines can propagate into healthy trees and choke off the life in a tree. Parasitic plants feed on their "prey" just like the hawk does, but it's often a slow death to the "host plant" and not a quick death, such as what the Hawk does.. food for thought..

4 Oct, 2009


We had a sparrow hawk come to drink out of the bird bath and I had to do a double take as I was only expecting a sparrow!! Yellow eyes looked at me and then he just took off - pretty special and yes the pidgeons took off too...

5 Oct, 2009


Wonderful shot! Congrats

6 Oct, 2009


Nature is hard to comprehend sometimes, so much cruelty. what a pity that Birds of prey are cannibalistic, I would like them so much more if they just ate rats n' mice. Some plants can also be cruel but the worst of all has to be the human population who can be cruel to everything including themselves. The best way to look at it is to enjoy all and not become too attached to any one species.......except gardeners!!

7 Oct, 2009

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