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Nursuery rejects saved!


One of the local nurseries gave me a few plants that were going to be discarded and I brought them home to see if I could revive them with an organic recovery program. I first “dry-rooted” the sick plants into containers of organic potting soil mix for a couple of weeks, then transferred them into my “bay window bed” after they were out of stress. Here’s the results after a month:

I have no idea what kind of plants these are, but I just love the cone shaped flowers and the dark purple leaves!

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nor but lucky you there lovely..

20 Aug, 2009


Looking quite healthy what ever they are.

20 Aug, 2009


Aren't they Coleus?? I think we are supposed to call them 'Solenostemon' these days!

20 Aug, 2009


i think your right Spritz..

20 Aug, 2009


They do look bit like Solenostemon..but they usually have pretty blue spires of blooms...

20 Aug, 2009


After doing some exhaustive research, I believe that "Spritzhenry" might be right! They are indeed Coleus according to some of the 'leaf identification models" that I have found.

And the local nursery wanted to throw these in the trash..
I'm glad that I was able to save them!

21 Aug, 2009


Yes they reminded me of coleus when I saw your photos. They're a lovely colour.
I'm still going to call them Coleus. I can't say the other one .

21 Aug, 2009


Thats quite a find then!

21 Aug, 2009


I agree, Hywel - They are 'Coleus' to me!!!

I usually grow some as house-plants, but I didn't this year - I'll have to remember next year.
I normally pinch out the flowers, but they do look interesting left on! Completely different 'look'!

21 Aug, 2009


Well....its so much easier to say isn't it......wish they wouldn't keep changing plant names.....its always to a "tongue twister" in'it!!

21 Aug, 2009


I wish that I knew plant names better..
I just know great soil when I see it and feel it and all of my plants respond great to improved soil conditions.
Pretty cool to watch!

22 Aug, 2009


We all have our skills in different areas of horticulture.:))

22 Aug, 2009


The "common denominator" that I have noticed when farting with plants is that when the soil they are growing in, is in a good biological balance, the plants thrive and tend to "fend off" bugs and other critters that feed on them.
{Hint}: When a plant or tree goes into a "stress condition" because of a soil imbalance, it will produce excess sugars into the upper foliage and all of the natural predators can sense that increased sugar level and attack the plant. Wood-peckers are the best at detecting a tree that is in stress. Other bugs do that on a much smaller scale and it is fascinating to watch..

23 Aug, 2009

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