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A little tree was saved!


A while back, I replanted a small tree and it has responded great to it’s new organic program! Here is a photo of the activity in the tree’s veins and the change in color that it has taken on!

Note the brown on the outside if the leaves, that will never go away.
The exciting thing is the rich green color that is growing from the plant’s veins in the center of the leaves. This is new and is probably the result of the organic treatment that I did on it this weekend. Once I got the soil in a balanced situation, the little tree responded with great “vein colors”…

I re-potted it into a mix of Erath Earth organic potting soil, threw in some Texas “Green sand”, Lava sand, expanded shale, corn gluten meal, zeolite, dry molasses, and a splash of earth-worm castings..

I still cannot get over the deep green color around the main veins in the little tree’s leaves! That indicates that the tree is responding to the soil and biological change in its’ root system. How utterly cool!

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Wonderful colour change... well done :o)

20 Aug, 2009


Well done indeed...your organic potting mix sounds fascinating! :))

20 Aug, 2009


It has been awesome to watch! Those leaves were all bright yellow just a few days ago.

20 Aug, 2009


That's good. I'm glad you were able to save your tree.

21 Aug, 2009


Blodyn, it just needed to be "up-potted" because the little guy's roots were starting to circle and cut themselves off. Once that condition happens with ANY tree regardless of size, the situation causes the tree to go into a "stress condition". When a tree in "in stress", it will produce sugars into the stressed area of the foliage to help the infected area and native bugs and other critters will sense that increased level of sugars and start to attack the weakened tree's areas such as Wood-peckers, boring insects and other native predators.
When a tree is grown in a rich organic environment and has very little stress, most of the common ailments that afflict common trees will go away! :-)

22 Aug, 2009


That's interesting , Thanks.

24 Aug, 2009

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