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Update on the "sick tree treatment" experiment!


We all have trees and want the best for them, right?
Here’s the common denominator that will work on almost any tree that is showing signs of distress, such as increased insect activity on the foliage, leaves that look sad, or other problems. The solution is called the organic “Sick tree treatment” and it has worked for me like gangbusters on a few “test trees”. Here’s the link:

Photos of the root flare exposure organic treatment
The photos are breathtaking!

Here’s what I have done with my little 2ft high “test tree” on a smaller scale:

The area in the red circle is the “old water line” on the trunk and you can tell that the tree was planted WAY too deep!
I have since “lifted it” and now the tiny “root flair” is at the proper height:

Note the exposed root flair roots on top of the soil.
Larger trees will have larger roots of course..

You’re probably asking “What is all of that rock stuff around the tree?”.
“That doesn’t look like potting soil!”..

Answer: It is a 1/2 inch layer of “Expanded Shale”.
? What is “expanded shale”?
Answer: It is a water control material that has HUGE surface area. It absorbs water whenever water is available and releases the moisture to the plants as they require it. Pretty cool stuff for any potted plants!
I’ve had great results using it on a few “problem plants” that had “moisture issues”.. ;-)

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