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Radical Sunday project!


I have been growing a few trees that we received from the “Arbor Foundation” in pots for the last year. The “Arbor Foundation” had an internet “give-away” of 5 trees that were little dry-rooted saplings about a year ago. The trees were shipped here in a gelatin “root hydrating solution” when they got here. They had to be soaked in a 5 gal container of water for about 6 hours before they could be planted. We’re talking “raw rooted saplings”. No dirt on the roots at all!
It was the first “dry rooting plantation” of trees that I had ever done. All of them have grown well in organically prepared pots except for one of them. Here is the “revamped” growing area for my little tree. Note that it has been raised in the soil and the root flair is fully exposed.

This little guy has been up-potted into a very rich organic mix and has been given the full “sick tree treatment”. The leaves looked a little bad and my first thought was that the tree had some circling roots. That was exactly right! When I pulled it out of its’ container, it had circling roots that were cutting themselves off in the pot. I “dry-rooted” it into It’s next home, raised it to expose the “root flare” and fed it with some Garret Juice and Fish Emulsion..
This technique works for trees of any size. :-)

I will be monitoring the progress of this little tree for the next few weeks and see if the leaf colors start to improve and post any changes that I see..

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Little tree looks very happy n2,well done,for nursing it back to`s hoping it grows to be a big strong boy or girl Lol:~))))

10 Aug, 2009


Thanks Mobee!
I hope that this experiment will bring it back around, because I think that it might be a very small Red bud tree.
The leaves look similar to a much larger Red Bud that I have also done the full "sick tree treatment" to that was a HUGE success! The larger Red bud had been contaminated by some poison ivy defoliator and nearly died last summer.
This season it is fully detoxed and is thriving!
Gotta love it! :-)

11 Aug, 2009

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