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Our cat is diabetic and needs to eat grass along with her food and insulin shots to survive. My wife picked up some “pet grass” at Petsmart and I replanted it in organic medium in a larger container to help it grow better:

At first the cat didn’t know what to make of all of this grass and nibbled a little.

The grass grew like crazy in the organic mix and she became more interested in it and started feeding on it..

Now she is feeding on the endless supply of indoor grown grass and is doing very well! She is down to 2 units of Insulin per day VS 8 units a day and is looking much better!

I’m not sure what kind of grass that is, but it responds to organically enhanced soil like crazy. I might need to experiment with it in my back-yard.. {chuckle}

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I've seen seeds of this being sold in garden centres here. I was thinking of trying it for Blodyn but she eats ordinary grass in the garden. I may try some for her just out of curiosity.
Sorry to hear your cat ( Name ? ) is diabetic. I hope the grass is beneficial to her.

10 Jul, 2009


That grass looks very healthy in your organically enhanced soil. It's good to know that your cat is doing well including this in her diet, and that she is managing her diabetes well.

If you find out the exact variety of this grass, please put a comment on this thread under this blog. Thank you.

I like your photos !

10 Jul, 2009


How is your cat able to digest large amounts of grass, is it a result of diabetes? If my cat, Daisy, eats just one blade of grass she is promptly sick, I thought that was the reason cats ate grass. Glad to hear it's having good results.

10 Jul, 2009


I've heard of this grass, wondering if it mint do Smokey any good, he does eat grass outside but this would be nice and clean for them withgrowing it indoors.

10 Jul, 2009


Well I've seen it all now N2...a cat eating grass from a pot & not because he wants to be wonderful! I'didn't know such a thing existed. He looks lovely...I'm glad you can control his diabetes bless him. :0)

10 Jul, 2009


The cat's name is "Midnight" and she just loves the grass. I found out that it is a "cloned" version of oats that has been bred to grow well indoors in small containers. The seeds are about 1/4 inch long and it seems to be well adapted to growing in a confined space. Interesting 'lil plant!

It will grow from planting to about 4 inches in about 2 weeks.
I planted these in a mix of "Erath Earth" organic potting soil that does NOT contain "peat moss" {Peat Moss does NOT support biological soil activity) and amended it with a cup of "expanded shale" for water control, 1/2 cup of Texas Green sand, and 1/2 cup of "lavasand".

The cat seems to like her organically grown grass because of the "taste". I have found that my organically grown tomatoes tend to blow away the "supermarket bought ones" in a "taste test". {chuckle}

11 Jul, 2009


Sorry Midnight...for making you a lad! :0)

11 Jul, 2009


Lily2, I have no idea why the cat likes to eat the grass so much. Most outdoor cats will munch on some St. Augustine, from time to time to help in the digestive process. Our cat was an outdoor cat before we moved into this new home in the country and she has to stay indoors due to all of the predators that could eat her. She had to be de-clawed to prevent her from tearing up the new house, but has adjusted wonderfully to the "indoor life". I suppose that she likes the grass because she ate grass at the old house. Funny critter!

12 Jul, 2009


Where do you live? Predators? huh?

Poor Midnight! Diabetic and declawed (poor baby!)! Glad she's doing much better, maybe I should try eating grass - just kidding - I'm diabetic too. Beautiful black kitty - glad she has a home cause I've heard that many are left out/rejected/abused because of what ignorant people think of "black cats."

14 Jul, 2009


Raquel, We live in central Texas and DO have quite a few Predators! That is why "Midnight" has been de-clawed and turned into an indoor cat. There are things that I have seen in my backyard that could carry her away! Bobcats, Huge "Sharp shin hawks", Coyotes, we have seen it all.. {chuckle}
Midnight would LOVE to go out the backdoor, but she doesn't realize that there are lots of critters out there that could EAT her..

She just loves the "indoor life" because she has rubbed and "claimed" every square inch of this house and is ONE happy camper.. :-)

16 Jul, 2009


You should try to get pictures of the predators! (Safely, of course). I did see the picture of the hawk.

16 Jul, 2009


Raquel, here is some video of "critters"..:-)

19 Jul, 2009


Thanks! I look forward to it!

19 Jul, 2009


I made an indoor grass patch for my cat Sybil to play in as well as eat. Works great! I don't know how to attach it here but it's on my profile.

4 Aug, 2009

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