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Got the cottage 8 yrs ago because of the size of the garden.(3/4 acera) had small amount of plants, winter time when we moved in so not familiar with 'whats what'. Didnt like the name of the house, had always want'd to grow mulberries, so as birthday came up asked hubby for a mulberry tree as a pressie, at the same time changed the cottage's name to mulberry. Had real difficulty in getting a Mulberry tree, got a bush in time for 'Bday' still trying to locate a tree.Sping came some nice plants and bulbs came up, tucked in the corner of the garden this med-size tree came into leaf, low & behold it was a 'Mulberry' I now have, 2 mulberry trees & 1 bush. Very unusual that I'd changed the name of the cottage when I thought I didnt have this unusual tree ! Its a wonderful garden & growing(slowly at moment, have a spine problem am due a op) I have some nice plants & trees, & wish for more, would fill every space if I could but for a great view, open fields. I have never used cemicals believe the saying' some for the birds, bugs, weather & me ! Roll on back to the garden as more plants are waiting for me to buy !

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