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Soooooooooooo impatient....


By mookins


tick tock tick tock tick tock… I have so much I want to do, so much I need to do and yet I dont seem to be able to do anything.

Have run out of compost (not yet got my own) so cant do any pricking out,cant do any re-potting. Need to move all my pots off the grass but have been let down on the paving slabs i ordered so have to stay on the grass, need to cut the grass but are covered in pots. Want to grow some more seeds (still very addicted) but have no space to put them as I havent yet finished my pricking out!!!

Can you see a vicious circle starting here?

Also need to put up some trellis for my climbing roses but… still havent yet spoken to the neighbours about it eeek… am such a lala.

whats a girl to do!!

On a good note though have planted lots of potato seeds from craftnutter so we will have a great crop

x x x x

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I'm sure your neighbour's will be fine with the trellis my love! Take Cody with you! (I didn't ask my neighbours, I just put them up, all 3 of them. I didn't realise I was supposed to ask! Lol!)

Are you starting your own compost bin? That'll help....

I wish your taties all the best! Lol!! Mine were planted today......

28 Apr, 2009


Well done getting your potatoes in,and hope you get a bumper crop !

28 Apr, 2009


You remind me of me....mookins

28 Apr, 2009


Your enthusiasm will guarantee you end up with a wonderful garden. :o)

28 Apr, 2009


Mookins!!!!! I hope it all goes well with the neighbours, As Craftnutter says put the trellis up then ask them if they think it will look wonderful covered in lovely coloured blooms. All the best with the paving slabs I waited three weeks for a 48 hour delivery when I put my shed up. lol. Ian

28 Apr, 2009


Sounds like my problems Mookins. LOL. So much to little time....always things hanging on doing something else first. Sigh!!
I didn't ask my neighbours about putting up a trellis. But then again my neighbours have so many trees I don't think they'd see it anyway.

29 Apr, 2009


Il just do it...just put the trellis up.Im sure they will be fine dont know why I worry so much ive got scarier bills through my door than neighbours hehe

x x x

29 Apr, 2009


Yes, you could always plead ignorance, I use it all the time, lol!! oOOoh bills, don't remind me, yuk! :-(

29 Apr, 2009

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