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Chepstow was a bustling market town dating from the Norman days….sadly,as with many others,it has suffered in the last 2 years.Small,private shops have had to close leaving only hairdressers, coffee shops and Beauticians. The two streets are almost empty every day….so sad.
Well,the council have come up with a very ‘inspiring’ concept…A Green plant cage!!! Photos below .
The bug Hotels could be good when they plant some greenery.I fear this won’t increase the town visitations.They will have to come up with another novel idea!

The gentleman on the right is the Boatman who symbolises the merging of 2 great rivers The Wye and The Severn and the fishing industry…Needless to say he is often adorned on New year’s eve!!

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If it wasnt for the sunshine, it would look sad, hardly a sole around.

26 Mar, 2022


Love that blue building! We've driven very near or through Chepstow sometimes but not been into the town itself. Town centres generally seem to be slowly becoming more and more deserted. Its the same round here - Lockdown hasn't helped, when so much mail order was the order of the day. How far from the town do you live?

26 Mar, 2022


In the last year the traffic has been stopped going through the town...a very unpopular decision.
We live 10 minutes drive from the town.

27 Mar, 2022


It looks a pretty area, Meadow. It's a shame small towns are struggling but it's been on the cards for years. Shoppers expect independent shops to be there to potter round at the weekends but spend the bulk of their money in the large supermarket chains and online. No contest! And the lockdowns have only eroded their incomes further.

27 Mar, 2022


I honestly don't understand how the cage is going to work and why its there, does the bed get vandalised ?? as many do when the idiots are out and about, sadly that happens in many places..He's a very impressive gentleman and looks perfect against the blue building...
Its the same here I'm afraid, so many shops have closed but we can't blame Covid, was happening in Stamford long before that hit, although it has not helped, the reason many of ours close is because of the cost of renting and the rates the business people have to pay, its an expensive place to live or try to run a business unless its one of the large retailers, we are inundated with shops that honestly only cater for the tourists and cafes, what clothing shops we have are far too expensive for the ordinary people of our town and its impossible to buy for children except from the supermarkets, decent shoes for growing kids, one has to travel away from the town.. Its so maddening as we're always getting lectures saying we should support the local businesses...Saying that I do love my hometown, its all Olde Worlde Ancient Charms.....

27 Mar, 2022


Love the blue building, Julia, with the white contrasting window frames. Yes, sadly, towns are slowly becoming so very quiet with closures and online shopping. Covid really was the nail on the head too. I’m interested to see how the cage evolves..keep us updated.

27 Mar, 2022


It will probably be dismantled over night due to how much public opposition there is.The word 'Forethought ' comes to mind!

28 Mar, 2022


read this too late to see photos but i still enjoyed it.

29 Mar, 2022


Ah,thank you Eileen...shame about the photos.

29 Mar, 2022

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