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First of the season Gardener's world programme.


….and how very much I enjoyed it…quite different from the normal Gardener’s world programmes of old….more informative and more time given to individual items.
Thank you Monty for uplifting our spirits and enthusiasm…
How interesting to see the gentleman living in a field completely surrounded by his rectangular garden.His anxious feeling about going on holiday for a week and wondering how the garden will change stirred a recognition memory .
Here’s to further programmes.

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Yes I enjoyed it too - it is very like a comfort blanket on a cold, winter's night! The camellias and cyclamens were really lovely to see.

12 Mar, 2022


Good description, Chris...the Camelia and Cyclamen collections were wonderful. Makes you want to buy!

13 Mar, 2022


I really enjoyed it and watched it on catch up yesterday while hubby watched his sport!
I too loved all the camelias. Mine are only just in bud!

13 Mar, 2022


Great,let's hope it continues that way!

13 Mar, 2022


I actually really liked the garden with all the evergreens, the undulating shaped shrubbery…the tall bamboo…he did say he had some shrubs which flowered later on. It felt like a secret garden in some places and very restful.
I did also love the camellia collection, very beautiful.

13 Mar, 2022


Loved it, and it was like snuggling up in a comfort blanket!
Those camellias were stunning and the evergreen garden wonderful, what a lot of work though..
I'd read about the young man who lived in the house in the field with the wonderful square garden, what a joy to see it and how passionate he was about it.
Can't wait for next Friday now..:))

13 Mar, 2022


Nice to see it back, I was particularly interested in the Camellias from Exbury Gardens for two reasons

I have been there, we used to go quite often when the grandchildren were younger for a day out, there's a railway runs around the gardens, ideal for them as were the long walks to wear them out so know just what they are like, and secondly one of my granddaughters is currently doing her day release horticultural BTEC work experience at Exbury.

I also like the viewer’s gardens, with the obvious pleasure they get from their patch whatever the size and sometimes quirkiness

14 Mar, 2022


That's interesting, Grandad especially as your granddaughter is at Exbury doing her Btec. Could be on our list to visit...Is Exbury a small place?I love these quintessential villages and also a mini railway outlay at the gardens.

14 Mar, 2022


Will watch it on Catchup, I completely forgot it was coming on, sounds a good one...

14 Mar, 2022


I loved it too. I get anxious leaving my garden. I do a huge amount of work and when I come back I am back to square one. We will be going out to Sweden where I do more gardening plus I have the kitchen to paint.

14 Mar, 2022


I really enjoyed it too, loved the garden surrounding the house :-))

23 Mar, 2022

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