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Pond Clear Out


Well I couldnt have got a better day for the big clear out. The sun was shining and a slight breeze ( keeps the midges away if any) lol Never can remember when we don’t get them anymore! I waited till the sun was definately here to stay then got stuck in! 1st off got the tubs ready to place my fish in and check them I only have 8 now lost a couple during the bad weather. One of my little gold fish looks the worse for wear the tail not the beautiful specimen it was don’t know if it is old age or not I have had this one for almost 10 years ( it has never grown much bigger either) then the gold spotted ones are looking fine and dandy. The monsters are just getting heavier and bigger every year i’m sure my pond is far too small for them now but loath to give them away in case anything happens to them. the last couple of years has seen a big increase in the size of them.

While cleaning out obviously I disturbed a few “visitors” who tried to run.
They are all safely back into the pond thankfully no mishaps.

Ive taken all the plants out and I will overwinter them in tubs in a secluded part of the garden. will probably split them in the spring before putting back into the pond.

Net in place fresh water added after clearing out all without getting too muddy or wet. Im quite pleased with myself a job done!

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A good day's work then Marydoll ... your fish look beyootiful!

Bet they are happy to have everything freshened up! :o))

5 Oct, 2010


fancy coming to yorkshire and doing out mine?

a job well done marydoll.

5 Oct, 2010


That's great Marydoll. You can relaxe now :o)
I hope your fish's tail will be all right.

6 Oct, 2010


Sorry confused, why are you cleaning your pond out? Have just looked to see where you live, decided it must be a northern thing, glad I dont have to do mine. I think the big carp might just attack me. Which reminds me I need to clean the filter out!
How big is the pond anyway, cant see from the photo's

14 Oct, 2010


Dont know if a northern thing Sandygirl, Does your pond never freeze over? My pond is not very big about 6feet long and 2 feet wide with a depth of 3 feet. I always clear out in autumn (think I read it somewhere) to clear out the leaves etc to stop the debris giving off gases and killing the fish. I usually then give my fish a wee health check as well. and to save the fish fighting for oxygen with the plants etc when the pond freezes i just remove the plants cut back and store till spring. My filter and pump I usually remove in November just before the heavy frosts come then thats it till the thaw!
usually about March although this year we had severe snow in March, your are lucky you dont need to clear out!

14 Oct, 2010


Sad to look at this as they are all dead now Just 1 of the large and 1 smaller Gold fish left! even wee cheeky frogs are dead! Harsh Winter!

4 Jan, 2011

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