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autumn pond clearing


Oh well it is that time of the year again! Clearing the leaves and removing the plants out of the pond in preparation for the winter!
Tomorrow is the day!
I hope! I havent looked at weather forecast but I am hoping it wont be too cold\windy\wet\ etc.
I hate this job above any other. … but when its done and you look at the fish swiming in clean leaf free water you get such a sense of satisfaction.
I’ll definately be putting a net over again this autumn to catch the leaves but I must remember to remove it before the snow comes!
Last year i lost sleep imagining all sorts like my poor fish getting tangled in the net because of the weight of the snow on it! Luckily that didnt happen but it was murder trying to untangle it with the weight of the snow and ice!!
also it was awkward to get in to put a hole in the ice.
However a happy ending ALL my fish survived that terrible winter!
…..I’ll let u know how I get on!

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Hope all goes well with that job Marydoll, I know from experience how wet and messy one can get,lol........

4 Oct, 2010


Nice to hear your fish are enjoying the cleaned out pond. I hope we don't have snow this winter but I suppose we should be prepared.

5 Oct, 2010


i have mine to do this year as i only do it every 3 yrs or so. so if any one wants some yellow flag iris them let me know.

5 Oct, 2010


its my first year with my pond marydoll so all new, im going to do mine when i get a good day to, how do you make a hole in the ice if it freezes please, im worried about my fish getting frozen ;o(

5 Oct, 2010


what you dont do is hit the ice as shock waves travel and harm the fish. If you have plants round the edge that stand clear of the water , this is the weak spot so you can pull ice up. or if you dont then put an empty tin [bean tin] on the ice near the edge and 1/2 fill with boiling water. keep doing this until the ice thaws. then open the hole up and I sometimes pop a soft ball in the hole. Hope this makes sense.

Your pond is quite deep sanbaz so there will always be water for the fish to swim in.

5 Oct, 2010


my plants sit in the water sea, i understand about the bean tin, so i guess i do this each day if it freezes over again and will get a soft ball to, iv put a pipe at the deepest point so the fish have somewhere to hide over winter, thanx sea,,

5 Oct, 2010

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