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Plants in the propagators now.


All the main plants are in the propagators now, some are starting to show signs of life!
I’m working on 2008 cuttings now, taking them out of the pots and getting them in the propagator – there’s not going to be room for all of them, so some will have to go in seed trays and just go on the bench in the greenhouse – they should be OK, but will take a bit longer to come through.
I came across “Fibrex Nurseries” on the internet this year, they now have Begonias for sale on the internet – I had to order a few – I have had a couple of plants from them before when they have had a display at The Shrewsbury Flower Show (although they weren’t there last year).
Bellcross sent out “Silence”, had a look at it, only to discover that it was rotten when i received it. All the other new ones seemed fine this year, from Blackmore & Langdon, Fibrex, and a couple of other growers.
Before I started the plants off this year i washed all the white off the roof of the greenhouse, i am planning to put some green mesh (whatever it’s called) up to stop the sun burning. It will mean there won’t be the white paint flaking and falling on the plants (and me) in the growing season, and i think some more sunlight might get through than with the paint – hopefully without burning the leaves.
I will have to find my camera ready for when they start to get growing .
I am planning to enter shows again this year, including a few plants for the Shrewsbury Show – but i don’t think i will enter to do the stand because of the cost of hiring a van to get the plants there and back, maybe next year again?

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I have been using the green netting for a few years now without any problems,in the months when its not needed I roll it up to centre of house and thats where it stays,good luck with your plants,looking forward to seeing photo,s

17 Mar, 2009


Nice to hear your methods for propogating begonias, Mark. I am not a begonia man myself but it is always interesting to hear what other gardeners are doing. Good luch with the Shrewsbury Show and don't forget a few pictures for us.

17 Mar, 2009


Don't mean to be thick, but are these tuber begonia's? Just interested......... thanks!

17 Mar, 2009


The netting sounds a better idea than paint. I should think it's easier .

18 Mar, 2009


Yes, they are double tuberous begonia tubers - named varieties, suitable for exhibiting at shows.
I do have a few rex in the other greenhouse, but they don't go down like the tuberous type so i shall put them in the warmer greenhouse and they should pick up. They should really be kept warm all winter, but it would cost too much to keep the temperature up for them, so it's kept at about 40 through the winter. The rex and other foliage Begonias do look a bit sorry for themselves, but last year they did pick up again once in the warmer greenhouse - some seem to cope better that others.
The paint is OK once its on, but i can't reach the roof from the outside, so i have been putting it on from inside the greenhouse - but throughout the season little bits flake off, sometimes it almost looks as if its been snowing in there, it gets on the plants and doesn't come off very easy when you're trying to be gentle with a show plant.
Last year i thought about the green netting, but after i had put the paint on, so i decided to try it this year.
I shall still use the paint on the sides, this year anyway. It might be worth trying some cool glass another year, but after buying the green netting i can't afford the cool glass as well this year. It's supposed to let the sun in, but block it out when it's a sunny day, i think.

18 Mar, 2009


Thanks Mark! I had a colleague once, who used to swear by wrapping her tubers in newspaper and popping them under her bed for the winter!!!! I've always wanted to try begonia's but my house is a modern one with central heating, whereas my colleague's was an old cottage. I don't have a greenhouse sadly (no room and no money) altho' I have just bought a 2nd 4 tier mini greenhouse. What would you recommend as a method for overwintering? Would the mini greenhouse be warm enough if I covered with fleece? I just think my house might be too hot and I certainly don't think my hubby would be pleased if I started putting plants under my bed. There's enough rubbish under it as it is, lol!!

18 Mar, 2009


My greenhouses have heating in them to keep them at 40F while there are plants in them.The tubers would probably be fine at less than 40F, but that might be a bit too much for the Rex & foliage Begonias to cope with. I like to keep my tubers where i can see them to regularly check for vine weevil, or rot, during the winter.
I believe some people keep their tubers in a garage, anywhere really where the frost will not get them. You could use a MAX / MIN thermometer if you wanted to, just to be sure they were frost free.
I have never heard of wrapping the tubers in newspaper before, but a lot of growers keep their tubers in dry peat over winter - which might help to keep the frost off if there was no heat. But i suppose i could see why peat would not be suitable under a bed. lol.

18 Mar, 2009


Thanks for the advice Mark!

Haha! My cats and dog would scrap out the poor begonia's if I left them in peat under the bed! Lol!! (or even worse, perish the thought....)

19 Apr, 2009

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