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Unsure of names


Spritzhenry soon commented that i should beware of T&M. After i read that comment i did recall some comments from other GOY members refering to Thompson & Morgan.
Well Spritzhenry, it looks as if you were right. I think the labels were wrong on the Fuchsias i recently purchased from them.

Shrimp Cocktail, i thought had a much paler centre, at least in the picture that was on screen when i ordered.

Delta Sarah, i am sure was white outside leaves with a blue centre, again on the picture on screen when i ordered – it was this blue one that caught my eye when i ordered them – couldn’t order just one, had to order a pack. Lost one plant from them.
I shall not be visiting their site again. Either the plant is wrongly labeled, or they had the wrong pictures on display when i ordered. Not too sure of names to Fuchsias, so if you are more familiar with Fuchsia names and these are the correct names i would appreciate you leaving a comment to let me know, thanks.

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Oh dear, Mark. Sorry you had to learn the hard way! They have become unreliable as you have found to your cost. Make sure that you complain and get a refund, won't you - they may offer replacements but unfortunately, these are often just as bad!

31 Jul, 2008


Yes i shall complain, but there's not much point in a replacement if they can't get the labeling right :-(
Thanks for your comment though :-)

31 Jul, 2008


It's bad when this hapens especially for you Mark since I believe you want to take them to shows. Both of these are wrongly laballed. Lots of Fuchsias are very similar and sometimes it's difficult to know the variety if you just see one on it's own. But in these two cases they are so different to what they should be it's really obvious they've got the wrong labels on them.

1 Aug, 2008


O No poor u Mark i know how much u was looking Forward to Shrimp Cocktail Fuchsia 2 :(

1 Aug, 2008


You're right, i do want to show them - but i won't be showing these as wrong labels looses points!
There were some beautiful Fuchsias at The Bishops Castle show last Saturday. I don't think i have the room to grow any that big, so i may not do so well in individual classes. But i think they would look great on the stand, alongside The Begonias, and possibly Delphiniums - we shall see.

1 Aug, 2008


Jacque, I was looking forward to seeing the Shrimp Cocktail - But the main disapointment is the Delta Sarah as it was that one (white and Blue) that had really caught my eye. The Dollar Princess from T&M died, but i have another cutting of it from a proper nursery. I shall be looking out for a blue one now.

1 Aug, 2008


My mum ordered a dwarf peach tree and a Datura from T&M. They sent her a knife block and 2 begonia corms!!! They refunded her money and let us keep the knives and begonias. I was hoping for some nice unusal flowers on the begonias, but they've terned out just the boring single red ones :-S

1 Aug, 2008


Just in case you would like to know - I sent an email to T&M to complain and express how disapointed i am. I have now received a reply to say they will send a refund.

10 Aug, 2008


your second fuchsia in pic looks like blackie to me. I have had the same probs with other big name suppliers. the problem is that they come as rooted cuttings and its weeks b4 you realise you have the wrong plantsi have pic of shrimp cocktail on my page

27 Aug, 2008


Thanks for your comment, useful to have a name. I shall grow it on to see what it looks like when it's bigger.

28 Aug, 2008

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