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Minsterley show & Experiment


I have never tried to do anything like this before, so fingers crossed that it works.
At the Minsterley Show i set my camera to video mode briefly. I have tried to upload it to you tube, never done that before. And copy and pasted to GOY.
For some reason my ordinary photo’s won’t upload at the moment, one has – but my computer says there’s something not quite right at growsonyou! I’ll try later.

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Well i'm shocked - it's worked!
I never thought i would be able to get my head round that lot. I don't think it's too bad for a first attempt, certainly not brilliant, but not bad.
It's not of the plants, but they don't move - i think still pictures are perhaps better for them. This was at the Minsterley show where i had some of my plants on show - i will upload the photos when it will let me :-)

10 Aug, 2008


just watched it mark, well done, looks like it was a good show. how did your plants do?any prizes?

10 Aug, 2008


One first, and one third. Only entering the small flowered Begonias yet - The double tuberous ones aren't quite ready yet. They were timed for the Shrewsbury show next week, but with all this dull weather they are struggling to come into full bloom, there is only 1 plant in my greenhouses that is a good show plant. Hopefully a few more will open up before the Shrewsbury show. Stan's got some beauties in his greenhouses ready to show on the stand.

10 Aug, 2008


Did well there, i was half & half about going to Shrewsbury, next week but i've decided to go to Southport flower show this time, witch is the week after, i did go to Shrewsberry last year though,quite enjoyed it.

10 Aug, 2008


hey that was good , well done

10 Aug, 2008


Well done! you ARE a techno wizard! My neighbour was at the show, for fun she goes around the local shows with her lurcher, entering the dog shows. I work Saturdays so miss out!
Good luck with your plants, if I didn't have to work I'd come along!

10 Aug, 2008


I've heard others talk about Southport show before - i shall have to go and see that one sometime.
I'm glad that you like this, i wasn't sure whether to put it on or not - it's not plant's - but i thought it's part of the show which is actually an agricultural show with animals, tractors, motor bikes with a craft tent and a horticultural tent which does kind of link it. It's sometimes nice to see something a bit different anyway (i think).
I did see there was a dog show there, but didn't see that myself. Wet day, unfortunately, but it could have been worse. it did stop a bit from time to time, but at times it poured - just hope it's nice for The Shrewsbury next weekend - and on Thursday for setting up, if it rains we have to use an umberella over the plants so the rain doesn't spoil the blooms!

10 Aug, 2008


Mark you will now have to get yourself and your camera into your greenhouse and give us a tour of all those begonias.

11 Aug, 2008

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