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Actually quite enjoyed last nights programme which Im sure was nothing to do with the glass of wine I had in my hand. Tobys bit about climbers caught my interest but I was a bit annoyed about the details he gave about the golden hop. Yes it has lovely yellow leaves, yes it will cover a fence panel in a season but he forgot to mention that at the end of the season you will be left with a tangled mass of brown twigs that has to be cut down and that the plant spreads underground popping up between your herbacous plants and anything else in the vicinity and slowly throttling them(actually quickly throttling them as it grows about 6 inches a day in my garden) Its all in the detail BBC!

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Very well put Mageth and you're absolutely right though I do have one that I grow over an arch. It's planted where it can't wander too much and while I'm able to go to war with it I'll keep it as it does make a striking feature. I thought Carol was interesting, I didn't know thatyou could sow Wallflowers so early and transplant twice though I find the old way works for me.

17 Apr, 2010



This reminded me of one of those letters that Barry Took used to read out on Points of View....Dear BBC!

I haven't seen last night's episode as the grandson was here but will watch it tonight. Funnily enough, last night, I read your blog from last year about the 'new style' GW and what you thought of Toby etc.......

I have to say thatI watched the odd episode with Monty & Alan but during the days when I had no interest in gardening whatsoever, more because it was on. However, I do tend to agree with you about how much more Monty and Alan spoke to the camera as if talking to an adult. Toby seems nice enough but very condascending and I feel like I'm 6 when he's talking to the camera....although being a complete novice, this is probably a good thing! I think it's his nature, very softly spoken whereas Alan would be more firm, I found!

Joe is pretty cool albeit he is a designer come gardener and the jusry's out on Alys!
Carol Klein - often wonder if that should be Calvin, with her deep voice! - is great. I find her very enthusing and inspiring and I don't care where she is, home or away if I'm learning something from her!

What I do think would be a good idea is if the BBC took some of the presenters to gardens of everyday folk, from those in their first few months/year to those more experienced. They could give advice to them and also allow all of us to hear of 'other' ways that work for different, 'folks-like-you-and-me' gardeners. The text books are invaluable but I'm sure there are lots of GW viewers out there who scream at the telly saying, ' way is better......!' So, give them a chance to share the knowledge of the everyday gardener. Want to cut costs BBC? Well there's a start:0)

17 Apr, 2010


Carol did a tv prog. where she advised and helped gardeners get ready for the National Gardens Scheme, interesting viewing, some failed and had to try again the following year. Try and catch it, thoroughly good tv ! : o )

17 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the comments Oddbillie. Maybe Im just stuck in the past. I like the idea of going to ordinary gardens and dealing with real problems. we all dont have acres of virgin land, builders and designers in the background to help. Yes Megan Ive seen those NSG scheme programmes. I think they are still available through iplayer

17 Apr, 2010


Totally agree with you on that one mageth. I always say to Ali that it's unrealistic to even begin to expect us 'normal', or in my case......, folk, to have anywhere near the resources they have. Probably all done for them just before they step in front of the camera!! Lol!

I guess it's just down to what people are comfortable with and used to, like with many things. I'm only a novice so any help is welcome to be honest, be it Alan, Monty, Toby or any GoYers!

Hope theweather is good your end.....stunning here today:0)

17 Apr, 2010


we are having a glorious day here too. Im sitting in the garden with the laptop. ive planted strawberries, nasturtium and some other hardy annuals, as well as a general tidy up. nobody is mowing there lawn and as nearbye Gatwick is all but closed no distant hum of aircraft. my hubby is in the Breacon Beacons this weekend tramping up a mountain and tells me he got sunburn yesterday. I can forgive Toby on such a wonderful day

17 Apr, 2010


It truly is wonderful and hard to believe it's only April! Mind you, it's supposed to turn cold again in next few days, so I'm told.....champion!
Sounds like you've been getting a fair bit done today and making the most of the weather:0)

I can well believe your hubby getting sunburn as well as glorious down this way!

17 Apr, 2010


T R A N Q U I L I T Y and long may the dust settle. I too have enjoyed the silence and totally blue sky without vapour trails. Food is the big worry, if it goes on and on we'll just have to grow our

17 Apr, 2010


Panic buying at tescos.......refer to Bonkersbon pic titled Mealy mouthed

17 Apr, 2010


Amazing what these programmes dont tell us. Thanks Mageth!

20 Apr, 2010

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