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By mageth


as I wont have time for anything else……..we have just become the proud (?) tenants of an allotment.
exciting isnt it?
We had the offer when we were on holiday but rushed down immediately on our return.
I thought some GoYers would like to see it so here you are………


so much for my dreams of sitting out next august surrounded by regimental rows of delicous organic veg and admiring my rows of flowers for cutting.
still, if you cant laugh……..

Hubby says he has a cunning plan. Hmmm

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oh my goodness what a overgrown allotment mageth, has hubby got a flame thrower handy haha,, sorry i feel for you but that sure is going to take some work, how come they are left so long before being let again, and have to wait a while to, this hasnt been used in years i thinks, good luck and hope you get to sit and admire your lovely raised beds next summer ;o))

23 Aug, 2010


yes San, a bit overgrown. we have been on the list for a while. i was hoping some little old gent had been working it but had to give it up. some chance! Its about 270 square metres, one of the larger plots so we didnt want to pass it up. the council will strim it down for us and then its a case of weed suppressent and dig dig dig. thanks for the support

23 Aug, 2010


at least they will trim it down, i would get one of them flame weed killers to kill it all off before digging, weed killer will just take longer and wont be able to get going till it works, just a thought mageth, maybe a allotment party would be good and bring a spade ;o))dont blame you for not passing it on, its yours now and can take your time and get it looking good x

23 Aug, 2010


good luck Mageth,i am sure you will soon have it up & running,you must be eager to get cracking on it ,i suppose you will be doing.. but drawing out a plan of where you are going to put your beds regarding sunny spots etc i found worked for us,plus you get a better idea of what you could do with it if you see it on paper..happy digging :o)

23 Aug, 2010


Well you won't need to go to the gym anymore. I know you want to be 'organic' but I know what I would use. What are the neighbouring plots like? Have you ascertained just what weeds there are or can you not see them for the brambles'

23 Aug, 2010


LOL San. if we set fire to this I think they would see the glow a few miles away! hoping to bribe a few friends with beer and sannis
Joanella, I think you are right...... you know what they say about poor planning. we are hoping for an indian summer so we can get as much done as pos. over the winter i will be checking out all the advice for allotments on GoY . thanks for the good wishes

23 Aug, 2010


Mageth just keep a picture in your head of a time when you will be tending your beautiful plot and eating fresh veg. straight from the allotment ec. then we'll all be jealous.

23 Aug, 2010


sorry Heron we must have posted at the same time. we are surrounded on three sides by other plots. one has just started being worked and the other2 which sort of straddle the length of our are overgrown. so the plan is to spray half then cover with weed matting and attempt to manually clear the other half. the idea being that over the next few months we will learn about the plot and hopefully clear enough for tatties and a little plot for my daughter to work next spring. oh and of course there is the 150 feet of rabbit fencing to do, and the compost bins to erect, and it would be nice to have a shed, and a manure heap, lay paths, build raised beds............
crumbs, wish I were a lot younger!
thanks Bellflower. I intend to print off pics of super allotment plots and stick them on the fridge door to keep us inspired

24 Aug, 2010


ps Heron
there are brambles, thistles and dock. Spritz tells me that that means the soil is fertile. Luckily no mares tail and only a little bit of bindweed

24 Aug, 2010


Good luck Mageth........Keep us posted as you go along....... :)))

26 Aug, 2010


thanks Louis

27 Aug, 2010

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