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Scary woods story for Sticki Toffee!!!


By lulu33


Once upon a scary night there was a wee pup (well she’s nearly 3 really!) She had entered the woods by way of a wall….

Once inside the woods Sluggy was enveloped by a bright light…

and everything looked different!

Sluggy thinks she can see a tunnel, maybe it leads somewhere..?

Nope I don’t think so!

Oh dear! I’m lost

And thing’s aren’t as they should be..

scary green mossy monsters!!

I need my mummy! Maybe if I run through this gate she’ll be there, all waiting for me?

Er Nope! said the rather strange and dead knight on a strange and dead horse (that Lulu’s great, great Auntie painted way back in about 1902!) But if you look over there…..there’s your Mummy!

Oh Pru! Mummy!

So happy to see you

the woods have been so scary! Quick, lets get out of here!!

They ran past the scary horse monsters..

And past scary people who looked after the scary horse monsters!

Until they came to a fence and another gate which looked a little closer to that place that Sluggy knows as home.

Sluggy!! Don’t just sit there!

By this time Auntie Jazzypup had come to save Sluggy too.

They carried on running, past the rather bleak bird house..

Past Millie Puss The Devil Cat, whose photo is so scary it can’t be shown….

They got to the bridge that would take them back to the safety of their home…except the Heron monster asked some pretty awkward questions…

About sprouts!
And Sluggy was clever enough to know it’s tremendously difficult question of what colour am I! er green! Doh!

Phew! Home! I’m sure I recognise that fabulous Clematis. Said Sluggy sleepily!

The End!

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well done Lulu!!! fantastic blog - goes to my favs:)

20 Feb, 2013


brilliant lulu! love the pictures ~ super scary some of them, some amazing and some beautiful!
great blog ~ thank you lulu ~ definitely in my favourites!

love frosty the heron too!

20 Feb, 2013


yes very talented : ), I dont know how you got that heron to stay that still for so long,

20 Feb, 2013


funny blog and effective photos Lou, felt a bit scared myself reading it hahah :o)

20 Feb, 2013


hee hee! Thanks for giving a look!!

20 Feb, 2013


Great blog Lulu! Your special effects are very good!

20 Feb, 2013


excellent blog Lulu !! love the effort you put in for us. Winter warmers I call them, keeps us going through the cold stuff.

20 Feb, 2013


What a scary blog Lulu. Has Sluggy recovered?

20 Feb, 2013


Sluggy is asleep in front of the fire, Jazzy is bouncing and Pru is's been a long day!

20 Feb, 2013


3 cheers for Lulu....very entertaining!

20 Feb, 2013


Lol....Wonderful Lulu...

21 Feb, 2013


I am happy that your story had a happy ending Sluggy. Sweet dreams.

21 Feb, 2013


Very entertaining Lulu, I am so relieved poor Sluggy was able to find the way out, thats the stuff nightmares are made of, lol..
Love the special effects......

21 Feb, 2013


I dreamt I got stuck in the tiniest lift last night!!

Glad you found the lost Sluggy story entertaining. She's a happy doggy today have cleaned out 2 yoghurt pots her favourite bar cleaning up after ice cream!!

21 Feb, 2013


thats not a nice dream lulu!

lucky sluggy though ~ yoghurt is good! im eating a fudge one right now!

21 Feb, 2013


Did any of you folk notice that very strange watercolour.....?!
Better dreams last night though kept waking up. Got an interesting book to read but my eyes were too tired!

22 Feb, 2013


the water colour?

my favourite picture is 13, the white tree branches against the deep blue sky, but i also like the two puppies together and the knight!

i know that feeling ~ want to read but eyes too tired!

22 Feb, 2013


Just found the eye drops for tired really works!!

24 Feb, 2013


i used to use that a lot, every day in fact with my old glasses which were no good from the day i bought them but these new ones are fabulous!

24 Feb, 2013


Its like a commercial photo shoot!!! Love it!!

25 Mar, 2013


Lol, I enjoyed re reading it myself! It gave me a smile on this cold day!

25 Mar, 2013


great pics!!!

28 Mar, 2013

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