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Naughty Louloubelle !!!!!!


By louise1


A week or so ago i saw someones photos or blog and it featured a really pretty flower in it and thought “i’d like one of them”
I was horrified to read that it was a Dahlia which i’d always seen as a bit of an ‘old mans’ plant but i know now i was quite wrong.

I chuckled and posted a comment saying how much i’d admired this flower but how i disliked them, some new posts followed mine and Motinot and Louloubelle nicely scolded me and told me how wrong i was !!!!
And was i ever ………. ?? !!!

Today i received a lovely message from Louloubelle suggesting some sites to look at and buy from and woweeeeee ….. there are some absolute beauties and …… i’m now drawing up lists of the ones i like, the count so far is 34 :)))))

I seem to be drawn to the Waterlily, Dwarf and Cactus types in the pink/yellow/lilac themes.
Sadly, even though i would really love to have some flowering now it appears that i’m too late and buying is for next summers flowering period.
Hey ho :(

Back to the list then 35,36,37,38,39 ……………


That naughty Louloubelle :)))

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Dhalias were the very first seeds I ever planted and mine are now starting to bloom

they are very pretty although I too for some reason thought they sounded quite "naff"

oooh how wrong was I

they are my babies
Early bird dwarf variety and they seem to have 2 to 3 heads per stem and lots of petals

x x x

22 Jun, 2009


If interesting you in dahlias is the worst thing I ever do, I'll be happy! Welcome to a whole new world ... Lou x

22 Jun, 2009



22 Jun, 2009


I used to be like you and thought of them as old fashioned however it's my new project this year - will post some photos when they're further on

22 Jun, 2009


That'd be great, thanks Angie :)

Wish i could have some now :(
Never been good at patience !

22 Jun, 2009


I love Dahlias Louise. But then, I suppose I do qualify as an old man!
Seriously, I didn't grow them for over 20 years because I always had problems with blackfly but I bought a collection 2 years ago(from one of the magazines) and I'm really love them again. So far, touch wood, not too bad problems with blackfly and earwigs. my Kelvin's Floodlight is already flowering(you probably saw it on my blog) because I bring them on in the potting shed(early)
I'm glad you've been converted to Dahlias and hope you will enjoy them!

22 Jun, 2009


Paul, i DID notice your Dahlia (Kelvins Floodlight), it's a lovely colour.

I seem to like the more 'girly' colours !!!
When i was looking at The National Dahlia Collection (in Cornwall) earlier a lot of the colours really appealed and it was the colours i mentioned, the stronger and more vivid colours are a bit strong for me.
The pink and yellow blends, lilac and whites, dark and light pink blends, orange and bronze blends, (getting the terminology !!!) are right up my street.

Lovely one called Pussycat !
Blewbury First
So too Bliss

Ohhh, sigh, as Spritz would say :))

22 Jun, 2009


Some of the really deep red ones are worth growing with the pastel colours though Louise. Perhaps, try planting them with grasses such as Stipa Tennuisima. They look fantastic together(in my opinion, although I realise, of course, it's a matter of taste). Pale ones planted alongside deep coloured Crocosmia(monbretia) can look good too!! whatever you do, enjoy choosing them!

23 Jun, 2009


Some nice ideas there Paul, especially with the Stipa, i think i'll do that in the front borders.
Still not keen on the strong colours but ...... i'm putting them together in my mind and i think some deep pink/bronze ones in the semi shade border with the Stipa would look just gorgeous ..... i want it now !!!!

23 Jun, 2009


You'll have to be patient!!! (Ha Ha)

23 Jun, 2009


Oh dear :((
I'm not so good at that.

I'm going to Wisley is a couple of weeks, Louloubelle and i wondered whether THEY might have something to tempt me !

23 Jun, 2009


No doubt. Hope you're going in a big car. O r maybe you'll need a truck!

24 Jun, 2009

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