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Because I wanted to post a drawing I made, in order to show it to you I had to post this “reply blog”. Ever since I can remember I always liked to look at clouds to find creatures, people or objects that my imagination found in them. Well in the first photo I found what appears to be a dog riding atop a whale or sea lion gliding across the sky. I have drawn a quick sketch of it and have included the person walking the dog on the beach for reference. It helps to enlarge the photo to see the dog’s face. Thank you for the fun.

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There's a word for that: Pareidolia. When I was little, I would get scared because the trees would always cast scary shadows on my bedroom walls. Of course only I could see them. I was certain that all kinds of creepies were waiting for me in the trees and I took the dog to bed with me. Is that what you're thinking of Loose?

9 Jan, 2022


Nature’s Rorschach test. I also like to find images in the patterns found in marble. In any case I call it entertaining.

9 Jan, 2022


Thank you for your lovely blog, Loosestrife! I went back there and looked at the first pic again and saw immediately what you'd seen and sketched! It's a fab drawing, it really could be part of a children's book - your interpretation looks very magical! You do have imagination indeed! It's so interesting when you look up at the clouds and see all sorts of images, makes life fun, just like you said.
Paul - I was the same when it came to tree shadows on walls at night!
Loosestrife, I guess we all see things in different places, it fuels our imagination and I think that's a good thing, as you say, entertainment and fun!
Thank you 😊

9 Jan, 2022


I have spent many a happy hour looking at clouds as a girl and still do. both my girls love doing it too. Hubby always says 'it's a cloud, nowt else'!

9 Jan, 2022


Love the cloud pic Loosetrife. Our little cat, who is besotted by the bigger one, occasionally trots beside him with one arm over his neck, just like your picture!
I like finding faces etc in things too. White Horse has some brilliant photos of various ones he's seen in rock, trees etc. Haven't seen anything form him/her? recently. Do you all remember pictures in the fire in the days when we had open grates?

9 Jan, 2022


My OH is the very same, Eileen! ☺️

9 Jan, 2022


Like the person in Kate’s photo walking the dog for exercise. Pastimes such as looking at clouds is good exercise for the imagination. As the old saying goes....if you don’t use it you will loose it.

9 Jan, 2022


Fascinating subject: How the human mind works. It tries to make logical sense from fragmented & distorted information. Is this our 'Loch Ness Monster"? Yeah of course Nessie is 'real' and that's good business for tourism.

9 Jan, 2022


Just love your picture and it really could be part of a story for children.
Such lovely, imaginative work.

9 Jan, 2022


Brilliant interpretation.

9 Jan, 2022


I loved your picture Loosestrife!
Yes.. I used to love laying on the lawn when I was a child , just looking up at the sky and imagining all sorts of different things from the clouds.
I still can get my imagination going now!

11 Jan, 2022


Very interesting things can be seen in the clouds! 😂 And not just clouds either. My wife is always imagining faces in rocks in particular!

Cuenca, in central Spain, has lots of limestone outcroppings & some of the rocks have the most incredible forms as well - there is even a zone of rocks some miles from Cuenca city that they call "La Ciudad Encantada" (Enchanted City) where there are lots of rocks with different forms. It's a very popular place for tourists during the summer months. I went there a number of times over the years I lived in Cuenca. We took our 3 kids a couple of times as well.

One is called "Elephant & Crocodile" which looks like a crocodile pulling an elephant's nose making it into a trunk! Does anyone still remember the story? You don't need much imagination either to see it! 😂

My wife also sees shapes in many things & she believes it comes from being very short sighted (she had to wear glasses since she was 3 or 4 years old). At night we had to make sure any clothing was put away so that if she woke up in the night she would see anything "frightening"! 😂

Since having her cataracts removed she can see much better & is no longer short-sighted but she still can't get over more than 60 years of seeing imaginary forms or faces in the dark at night & we still have to have a small light on at night while in bed! 😂

14 Jan, 2022


Lovely sketch Loosestrife … very imaginative. We are lucky to be able to watch vast skies from our house and garden and love watching the clouds (and the sunrises and sunsets).

Yes Stera, I still like gazing into a crackling log fire 🙂.

14 Jan, 2022


Yes Balcony! Cuenca and Ronda ( Ronda is where I spent some pleasurable times) seem almost to me to be sister cities both historically, culturally and scenically. La Ciudad Encantada with its fantastic forms shaped by nature somehow reminds me of a very imaginative and talented member of GOY little heard from these days who goes by the name of “ Nosey Potter” who also sculpted fantastic forms with his hands, somehow reminiscent to what is seen in this Enchanted City.

15 Jan, 2022

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