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What to do when it`s snowing....


Yesterday I kept busy cleaning the oven and washing net curtain`s amongst other mundane household tasks. Today I`m like loads of people stuck indoors and going stir-crazy so decided to grab the bull by the horns and start one gigantic task… Like possibly millions of people around the globe we have thousands of photographs taken over the years that have never made it into the albums although they been kept safe over the years, obviously I`m talking precomputor days,you know the ones, buy a film, take the photo`s then have them developed with all good intentions of placing them in their various albums,( must say here we do have loads of albums full as well).Anyway I`ve made a start….First you need one of these.

Then one of these.

Sort out a pile of these….

with all three on the table and a cup of coffee near,one can start.

When the card is full it will be transferred to the computor, then onto discs, remembering of course to also backup to seperate harddrive ( don`t want to lose them,)
Thats me happy for a while, wonder how long the snow will last, as I said we have loads………

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That's a useful task.
Please keep an eye out for pics. suitable to go in GoYpedia categories....
e.g. Logs, Watering Cans, Mosaics, Crazy Paving... Lol.

Snow and chilly winds forecast for the East this weekend, so you could well have all the photos finished by Monday. Lol. :o)

8 Jan, 2010


thats great sue and very clever to ;o))

8 Jan, 2010


That's a good idea Lincs. Does the SD card fit in the scanner, so the image is transferred straight away?

8 Jan, 2010


Good for you Lincslass. Don't ask technical questions Potty as idiots like me will never understand the answers.

8 Jan, 2010


LOL..It can be done that way or so I`m led to believe but is more complicated ,as I`m like Toto I`ve chosen the easy route......

8 Jan, 2010


What a brill idea LL. I have an all in one printer scanner copier thingy that I can go through all of mine with. Seeing as I have my mum-in-law staying for ANOTHER week due to the weather I think this will keep me busy for hours! Lol

8 Jan, 2010


Yes we have Ian but it`s set up on hubby`s computor and to be honest I just cannot get on with it, I think he`s secretly pleased I`ve made a start..

8 Jan, 2010


Nice to have the job done and out of the way. I have boxes of photos from my mother's house. - hundreds of the things lol. It's going to take years to sort them out. I don't know the people in many of them . I shall have to ask around I think.

9 Jan, 2010

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