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In the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy sorting out my greenhouse, I didn’t grow any salad crops this year so it didn’t take long to make room for my succulents and anything else that needs protection over the winter, they have all been outside since the beginning of April but now are in danger of getting too wet…

Cuttings I’ve already taken, two miniature roses that I thought I’d lost during the heatwave, sadly a third one has not made it back for me but I have kept it in case it does recover, special bulbs I don’t want to lose in the garden, sent to me by a goy member, the second layer are pans full of alpines, some that are originally from three sent to me over ten years ago by that same goy member, as you can see I now have plenty, I always overwinter those inside and I’m proud to still have them…

Cacti and succulents, I was very brave and even repotted some of them, very carefully as some are very prickly, still have the tallest ones to do but will leave them until next springtime as advised by Hywel, already changing colour and some are producing flowers….

Succulent displays that sit on the patio, I still have another two outside but will bring those in later, definitely if we get warnings of frost, I learnt a couple of years back not to leave them outside, they were alright until late April when we had a week of proper winter weather and the coldest night ever recorded, that was a hard lesson learnt, thankfully I had plenty of spares and was able to replant…The little one with the elephant sitting in the top is a new display I’ve planted up for my youngest Juliet, I’m caring for it until next springtime, received strict instructions to look after the elephant, it was a gift from her Nan, (my mum) over thirty years ago so is special….

As you can see its getting crowded in here, don’t want to move my work station out which you can see near the doorway, methinks I will need to move the trays below the cacti/succulents when its time to sow my seeds, I don’t mind it keeps me happy, warmish !!! during the winter months, even if I’m only down there chatting to them….

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You have a good selection there, Lincs, it all looks very organised! I must get myself into gear - I was thinking I must sort out the geraniums soon and find a winter home for the small acers. Misplaced enthusiasm always trumps common sense here!

2 Oct, 2022


Thanks M'land, I've always liked cacti but only really started collecting succulents since befriending Corside Sandra on here when we both first joined, I was hooked, still chat to her on Facebook not sure whether you know her, she runs a nursery with her family in Pembrokeshire.. Mother Nature has redeemed herself for some of us, sadly still playing havoc with other parts of the world ...

2 Oct, 2022


Oh Ange you do make me laugh at times, I need that laughter at the moment so thankyou x.....
I used to be able to overwinter some shrubs in this g'house but that was when I had two and obviously they were like yours and tiny, now its not an option so I'm afraid they have to take their chances outside, if by some chance we revert back to what I call a normal winter, I'll be grouping them all together and erecting a tent, lol. I had to have those old conifers cut down that used to be near the bottom pond as they were dying, one of my biggest regrets as unfortunately that got rid of the shade and protection for the camellia's and my acers, the reason they were so sunburnt this year.. Its easier for me to keep up in the garden as its my only real passion apart from family, thats why I need to have my g'house Ange, I would be terrible to live with during the winter without it...

2 Oct, 2022


M'land, Sandra hasn't posted on here for many years, we joined goy the same year if I remember correctly, her account is still open, I stay in contact with her on FB, I've watched her family grow up and her nursery thrive, they now sell online, have their own page all to do with succulents so I'm a member in that group as well...

2 Oct, 2022


You’ve definitely been very industrious and focused, Sue! I love your succulents, what a fantastic collection you have! I’m unfortunate in the fact I don’t have anywhere to house mine in the cold months. I just leave them planted up - must admit, I’ve been so lucky in the past several years. Just hope my luck continues 🤞
Luckily I have my yoga and zumba all year round, it’s definitely a positive in the winter months especially!

2 Oct, 2022


Thank you, Julia. Yes, I enjoy reading a good old thriller too, curled up in front of the log burner…

3 Oct, 2022


You certainly have a big collection there Sue!
I have never thought of growing succulents.
So..I am not the only one who talks to their plants ! lol

4 Oct, 2022


All looking very good, Lincs! I don't seem to get on too well with succulents as I tend to overwater them - for the same reason I can't grow Lavenders on the balcony! 😪

I managed to keep a Money plant going for two years but this year it died. It was a birthday present from one of my brothers about 3 years ago, the only time he's ever given me a birthday present of a plant!

4 Oct, 2022


Many people do leave them out Kate, I'm lucky that I have the space.. I have always read a lot since I was a child, I'm never without a book on the go, in fact I can't sleep without reading first...

5 Oct, 2022


They are very addictive Rose and don't need a lot of looking after, I chat to all the plants both inside and out, I even apologize if I damage

5 Oct, 2022


Balcony its darn near impossible to kill a money plant, did you drown it and have you confessed yet ?.. You are so good usually and this year must have been a nightmare keeping things alive on your balcony, due to the heat, I've always admired your plants, we can't be good at everything, I cannot grow orchids or Amaryllis, now I know you have the magic touch with those....

5 Oct, 2022


Thanks, Lincs! It may be near impossible but I did! I don't really know why it died, overwatering may have been part of the problem but I certainly did not drown it! In fact just the opposite might be true! Last year I rooted several pieces after I almost lost it! The leaves kept falling off till there were none left! It gave up the ghost during the heatwave we had this summer!

Even the Christmas Cactus cuttings from last year are struggling & I've grown Christmas Cactus & Easter Cactus for 20 years! 🤷‍♂️

7 Oct, 2022

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