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ive put an arch in the front and im not sure if i want it there,ive planted a montana next to it,i cant help feeling its a bit naff and im not going to enjoy it where it is,sooo im going to move it before my montana gets comfy,chris

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Gardens evolve so don't worry we have all mistakenly placed plants or garden accessories where they just do not fit. At least you can move it before it becomes a much harder task. Good luck and we will look forward to seeing some photos of it soon.

1 May, 2010


Hi Chris..
I had the arch in my back garden facing east for several years... then decided I didn't like it that way.... turned it 90 degrees and it now faces south. Lol.

At least with the current rainy weather, your montana will not dry out !

1 May, 2010


Be quick - they're great for getting comfy really fast!

1 May, 2010


Your garden is about what you like! You have a vision of what you want, so go for it. As SG said you can always change it later. I loved my arch once I gave it a folcal point? It now leads you to a small secret shade garden.

1 May, 2010


I think thats whats wrong Drc726,i always imagined it leading somewhere magical and it doesnt,i will give it some thought for def,chris

1 May, 2010


Well Ladybug it could lead to a fountain, bird bath or a seat even a very showy shrub or bed, whatever you like? My path after the arch is only about 8ft before you get to the shady bit. I created my path with shrubs each side. I didnt plan it it just came about somehow?

1 May, 2010


We put an arch at the end of the lawn, leading to the middle the garden. We then built a pagoda and the two wooden structures superimposed on each other didn't look right. We moved the arch, still assembled, having first measured and dug holes. It was quite a challenge to negotiate all the trees as we walked to its new resting place: the start of the bottom garden. Now, we find that in some photographs a very tall oriental ornament is directly lined up with the arch upright - so the ornament will have to move!!

1 May, 2010


ive been thinking of japanese gardens,not totaly but hints of it,reds and golds and water,beauty for my old age,chris

2 May, 2010


Hi Chris...
If you click on J from the alphabet at the base of each GoY page...

you can then click on GoYpedia Japanese Garden Plants.

might give you some ideas.... good luck with your plans. :o)

2 May, 2010


Why not try some topiary Japanese style!

23 May, 2010

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