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garden fence


this was erected while i was in hospital

its alright but he knew I had bought my fence which was waist high,luckily I can exchange for othere garden things,unfortunatly he has cut off the sun and being north faceing theres not a lot of sun.
Ive already got myclimbing roses ena harkness.£5 at the range and goldfassade(does anybody know this rose) and a montana rubens plus 2 more a white elizabeth and a red one,lost the name plus rudbeckia black eyed susan.
now all i need is less rain

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Hate to say but maybe your buying waist high fencing triggered him to buy taller for his privacy?

Good job you can get exchange though

26 Mar, 2021


That's a rotten trick - he could have warned you. There are some climbing roses that are OK on a north fence - I hope at least some of yours are. This must entail replanning quite a wide strip of your garden now - not what you needed to discover when you came home. How much is shaded in the winter?
Its enough to make you move house...

26 Mar, 2021


Oh dear, looking at your previous blog and the photo's I think G'gardener is probably right in what he says, the fence is the same height isn't it, on the plus side, its not as thick so you could gain a little bit more sunshine than you got from the hedge being there, you don't have the cutting to do and also whatever you decide to grow there will not have to compete for water and nourishment. Enjoy deciding what goes where , I'm sure you'll sort it Ladybug..

26 Mar, 2021


That’s a shame, Ladybug..agree with the others, especially Sue. Seems a rotten thing to do while you were in hospital.
I do hope you are doing ok? Feeling better hopefully.
I’m sure you’ll have some lovely ideas for the garden, despite the tall fence.

26 Mar, 2021


at least he didnt kill anything,i will make it a plus for the garden,

27 Mar, 2021


That's the spirit Ladybug, new home, garden and fencing, all you need now is the same as the rest of us, good weather, health and strength to continue your plans, best of all enjoy yourself xx

27 Mar, 2021


the fence is very smart and you will get use to it as it is no higher than the hedge and less bulky. I am sure you will have a great time making it look great.
I think to break it up 1/2 way down I would put a trellis side ways 1/2 way across and grow a climber such as rose, clematis or passion flower and in front either a water feature or a statue but I love sections in a garden so you don't see it all at once and it makes it seem bigger. Good luck.

29 Mar, 2021

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