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Hello to Carlisle


Well we are here and it was a terrible experience,never moving again.
just the first of pics and hopefully more to come.

first pic of the garden

the only plants I managed to save I had to leave mums roses which upset me greatly,and the little fushia took thank heavens.

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They say moving is as bad as a divorce / death of a family member.
but at least it is now over and you will be able to unpack at your leisure. You have a good sized garden to plan and as we head into Autumn/Winter you will be able to sit in a comfy chair and plan/dream of what you'd like.

I hope you will be very happy in your new home Ladybug.

11 Sep, 2020


Hope you settle in well, Ladybug! Agree with Eileen, it can be a very stressful time. As she mentioned, it’s a case of sitting back and thinking what you’d like to do come next Spring. I love a new project, but, it’s daunting when you have the house to think about to, I guess.
Happy times ahead for you! I wish you lots of luck and happiness in your new home :-)

11 Sep, 2020


thank you seaburn and kate,ive double doors out to the garden and sit stareing and planning the garden.luckily I knew the names of mums roses so will be getting those,the little fushia was 11ft tall and got that,the new owner has chopped it down so glad it took,the movers sent the wrong van so had to leave lots of things,never been so stressed in my life I got acid reflux,but im happier and wiser

12 Sep, 2020


It’s good to know you can replace your Mum’s rose again. It must’ve been heart wrenching to leave it behind, but, the people who are living in your old house will get to enjoy it now.
Sounds like you are having a tough time with the move, I do hope you will look after yourself and take some time to rest and relax when you can.

12 Sep, 2020


sorry to say kate the new owner is concreting all the garden,luckily mums neighbor got the roses and she loves them

12 Sep, 2020


Oh what a real shame..concrete. Very sad. I’m pleased however, your old neighbour has rescued the roses and she’ll treasure them I’m sure.

12 Sep, 2020


Have fun with your new garden and try to put the old one out of your mind. Sad you had to sell to moronic people who are concreting it over. I thought there was legislation to prevent 'non-porous' drives etc., to help with urban flooding, but perhaps that is only in certain places. It should be a law anyway - murder of a garden!

13 Sep, 2020


I hope you will be very happy in your new home Ladybug, its a shame you had to leave so much behind but think of the enjoyment you'll get replacing them, now the stressful part is behind you, relax and enjoy it all........

13 Sep, 2020


You have a nice little garden and can make it into what you want. I'm sorry you couldn't keep your mother's roses, that must have been upsetting for you.
No, don't move again, it's a very stressful thing to do :(

13 Sep, 2020

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